Locksmith For NYC provides a prompt and quick commercial door lock and hardware repair service in Queens, New York. Over time, commercial doors’ components wear out. When this happens, the doors’ hardware and locks need repair or replacement. What’s more, commercial buildings keep changing. And this can necessitate the installation of door locks and hardware that performs and works better.

Some parts of your old commercial doors can eventually become a safety hazard. The local authority can introduce new fire codes that dictate you install innovative hardware or locks. We have highly trained and experienced locksmiths providing our door lock and hardware repair service in all Queens’ areas.

We carry modern repair parts for deadbolts, handles, pivots, and hinges, among others. That means you don’t have to struggle to find the locks and hardware required to fix your faulty door. And, we adhere to the latest local codes when fixing faulty commercial door locks and hardware.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of your commercial property. Whether you need door lock and hardware repair for your storefront, apartments, warehouse, or business property, trust us to do an excellent job. We will repair the deadbolts, door handles, and hardware of your commercial property professionally and efficiently.

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Our commercial door lock and hardware repair service covers the following:

  • Door closers: We repair and replace different types of commercial door closers. Door closers come with varying qualities and grades. Our crew will inspect your door obstructions and frame to determine the best closers for your commercial doors. We consider factors like your door weight, size, structure, weather stripping, misaligned hinges, door swelling, and debris when repairing your door closers.
  • Crash bars or panic bars: A crash bar or panic bar is a lock that people use to unlock commercial doors during an emergency. The lever of your commercial door can be depressed or pushed to activate the mechanism for releasing the door latch, thereby allowing the occupants to vacate the building quickly. If you have a damaged crash bar or panic bar in your commercial building, call us to repair it.
  • Magnetic lock or electric strikes: We also repair magnetic locks and electric strikes in commercial properties. Electric strikes are commercial doors’ access control devices. Sometimes, an electric strike can have a buzzer. On the other hand, a magnetic lock is an access control technique that employs DC and electromagnetic theories to function. If your magnetic lock or electric strike is not working correctly, call us to look at it.

Our other commercial door lock and hardware repair service in Queens, NY, also covers deadbolts, lever sets, doorknobs, doorknob sets, broken pull/push handles, storefront doors, and mortise locks. Call us if you need help with repairing any of these commercial door locks and hardware parts.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Locksmith Needs?

We are experienced locksmiths that correctly understand your commercial locking system. You have invested heavily in your commercial establishment or property. As such, you don’t want to leave your investment vulnerable to burglary or damage by malicious people. That’s why you always want to have correctly functioning door locks and hardware in your commercial property. And choosing the right locksmith for your business in Queens, NY, can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your commercial locking system.

At Locksmith For NYC, we know what your commercial property means to you. We want to ensure that you have sturdy locks on all your commercial doors. We are your commercial locksmith security experts when it comes to door locks and hardware repair. Be confident that you will have the most effective locking systems once you enlist our service.

Don’t struggle to fix your damaged door lock or hardware or let an amateur experiment with your commercial locking system. Instead, let skilled and professional experts fix your faulty commercial locks and hardware.

Commercial Door Lock and Hardware Repair Service
Commercial Door Lock and Hardware Repair Service

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