Locksmith For NYC offers the best door hardware repair and installation service across Queens, New York. We’re the residential locksmith company to contact whenever you want to repair or replace your door hardware. Our crew comprises the most competent technicians to fix any problem with your door hardware.

The everyday tear and wear can warp your doors and misalign them. Our residential locks service in Queens NY entails fixing different types of door hardware for years. We use innovative tools to diagnose door hardware problems and solve them. Be confident that your door will be in the right hands once you hire us.

We Install and Repair All Types of Door Hardware, Including:

  • Door Closers

A typical door is not a mere giant wood slab. It has several parts that work together to allow people entry into and exit from your property. Door closers are the mechanisms at the top of your doors. These prevent doors from remaining open or slamming shut. They can also help physically disabled people that struggle to close or open doors. What’s more, some closers prevent the easy and fast opening of the doors.

We install and repair different types of door closers. Property owners have different types of door closers from which to choose what to install in their properties. Our crew can install or repair traditional door closers, modern door closers with and without a removable cover, concealed in frame closers, concealed in-door closers, and concealed in-floor closers.

  • Door Hinges and Screws

Hinges and screws hold your doors in place. But age plays a crucial role when it comes to the operational efficiency of door hinges and screws. With time, these essential parts of the door wear out. Some can even pool particle boards or wood with them.

When this happens, you should have your door repaired. In most cases, the best solution is to replace the damaged hinges and screws. Our door hardware repair and installation service entail the repair and replacement of all types of hinges. These include butt hinges, case hinges, T-hinges, Flag hinges, Piano hinges, and knife hinges.

  • Kick Plates

We install kick plates to do away with the stress that can lead to unsightly damage to your door. A kick plate is an addition placed close to the bottom of an entry to prevent push side damage. The size of a kick plate ranges from 10 to 16 inches. When properly installed, a kick plate protects a heavily trafficked door. It is also an ideal installation for a door that is susceptible to common tear and wear.

If your door has an already installed kick plate, it could cover some damage. If you think that’s the case with your door, we can repair it. Just get in touch with Locksmith For NYC, and our technicians will fix this damage.

We also install and repair door knobs, door levers, door latches, panic bars, cylinders, and mortise locksets. Kindly share the door hardware details that you want us to install or repair to help us prepare to do the job when enlisting our service.

Why Should You Choose Locksmith For NYC as Your Locksmith Service in Queens, NY?

Locksmith For NYC is a professional company with a sterling reputation for installing quality locking systems and fixing different door hardware problems. Our goal is to ensure every client has doors and locks that provide optimal security to their properties, possessions, and families.

Our crew is familiar with every component and part of your doors, including the glass inserts, frame members, hinges, handles, rollers, locks, and trim pieces. These are some of the parts that wear and fail as your door ages. When this happens, you have to replace the worn-out part to ensure your doors’ efficient and optimal functioning.

We offer the most efficient, professional, and affordable door hardware installation and repair service.

Regardless of your residential door issue, we will promptly fix it to restore your property and possessions’ safety and security.

Don’t let old or worn out door hardware compromise your safety and that of your possessions. Instead, let Locksmith for NYC repair or install your faulty door hardware.

Door Hardware Repair and Installation Service
Door Hardware Repair and Installation Service

Contact us now to request a free estimate or schedule a consultation appointment to get the best door hardware repair and installation service in Queens, New York!