Securing Your Business in Queens A Guide to Commercial Locksmith Services

Queens has the most diverse economy out of any New York City borough. Its great number of sectors and industries means there’s plenty of businesses in Queens, each with its own unique needs. But one needs they all share is the need for security. This is where commercial locksmithing services come in – no matter what type of business you manage, you’ll need specialized security solutions.


Why Commercial Locksmith Services Are Important

Reinforcing your business is common sense. It’s the best way to prevent thefts that would otherwise deplete your income and prevent your business from surviving. Particularly now in a recession, every penny counts, and we can never be too careful when it comes to the well-being of our businesses.

Other reasons you have to make sure your business is well-secured include:

  • Protecting your employees. This may mean their physical safety (such as in the case of armed or violent robberies, which unfortunately have happened in Queens), or their financial safety, as it’s your profits that pay their salaries.
  • Protecting your customers. This is particularly relevant for the case of armed robbery, but may also be relevant if you hold sensitive information about your customers in your office (e.g lawyers, doctors, insurance providers, etc).
  • Preventing the waste of business hours – break-ins and lockouts are time-consuming events in which no work can be done, and potential time spent with customers or clients is wasted. A good security system that suits you can help to prevent these.

But the needs of a business go well beyond the basic lock and key. While having a strong lock that’s resistant to picking and battering is important, it may not always be enough. Commercial locksmith services help you to understand what the possibilities are when it comes to safeguarding your business, and how you can make a plan that suits your needs.


Finding The Right Locksmith For You

The main matter of importance when finding a locksmith is making sure they are both licensed and insured. Locksmithing is a regulated industry in New York City in order to combat criminal or unethical practices. A locksmith who is not licensed is operating illegally, so always ask for their license number before consulting with a locksmith.

Insurance is not compulsory by law, but it does show that the locksmith has been approved by a third-party body, had their qualifications and license reviewed, and is protected in the case of damages (which means you also have less to fret about financially). A licensed and insured locksmith has submitted proof of their qualifications as well as personal details (including fingerprints) to a regulatory body.

Your locksmith will need to be highly experienced in commercial services. They should offer a wide variety of services and different types of solutions and products. When you consult with them, they should take care to understand your needs – the number of customers you see a day, the flow of customers in and out of your place of business, your desired security level, and so on.

Lastly, trust is critical when it comes to building a relationship with your locksmith. If you feel a locksmith is unreliable, not trustworthy, or even simply unpleasant in their approach to you, you will be less inclined to come to them with problems. Always look out for friendly and professional service.

Security Options For Your Queen-Based Business

Options to consider when it comes to the safety of your business fall under many categories.

Lock and key:

  • High-security locks, including deadlock and mortise mechanisms
  • Locks suited to your door – stronger, larger doors are typically fitted to businesses with high-security needs; storefront doors enable customers to enter and view inside easily; doors for historical buildings may be larger; etc.
  • Lock reinforcement, such as electric and magnetic closures

Access control:

  • Locks which are operated remotely. A secretary, manager or security personnel can buzz in clients from inside.
  • Keycards. Unlike a key which will always open a lock until the lock is rekeyed or changed, a keycard’s access can be managed at any time.
  • Keypads. These require a code to open, which can be changed as frequently as is needed. It’s up to you who you share the code with, and the chance of being locked out owing to a missing key is nonexistent.
  • Smartphone apps. These are another great option for delegating access remotely, as unlike keycards, they can’t be lost or borrowed. Even well-meaning employees run the risk of losing cards or keys and having them used, or lending them to someone with unknown intentions in an attempt to be helpful.

Extra layers of security:

  • CCTV helps you track shoplifting and robbery, as well as clarify any misunderstandings among staff.
  • An alarm system keeps your business extra safe. A monitored alarm automatically calls the police when it is triggered. A self-monitored alarm will let you know when it has been triggered, meaning you won’t be left in the dark about problems going on in your business (you will call the police in this case).

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