Many homeowners and business owners install window gate and bars to help protect against home invasion and break-in. They are a simple and effective way to protect against property damage and theft, as well as providing added peace of mind for your family. Locksmith for NYC offers a wide variety of window gates and bars in styles that complement you’r home or business. Their certified techs can custom fit and install them, to make sure they fit seamlessly into your home security plan.

If you own a commercial or residential property, window guards may even be required by your particular building codes. Your locksmith should be knowledgeable in all local building requirements, and recommend a window bar installation that brings you up to code while providing for your own specific needs. And if you already have an old window gates installed, you may need to update them to fit new safety requirements.

Locksmith for NYC can help you discuss your options and find the right style of window gate for you.

 options style of window gate
options style of window gate

Window gate services including: 

  • We give solutions for any situation.
  • First an appointment for window gates to come over to your property and take the exact measurements that fit to your needs.
  • We can provide you all styles and decorative options.
  • We make sure to offer you a few options that fit your needs and your budget.
  • The second appointment is to install the window gates.
  • Professional team has the tools needed to get the job done, experience to ensure that it is done right
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Locksmith for NYC would love to help you. Our team is ready to work with you, whatever your needs may be.

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