Can a Locksmith in Brooklyn Install Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses

Many people are not quite sure about the kind of services that a locksmith can provide. As such, questions such as “Can a locksmith in Brooklyn install keyless entry systems for businesses?” are quite common. If you need a keyless entry system today, you have come to the right place.


What Are Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses?

A keyless entry system for your business is simply a way of gaining entry into your business premises without the use of a key. It is a step up from the use of traditional lock and key systems. Also, it offers a lot more security, access control, and convenience.


How Does Keyless Entry Work?

In most cases, keyless entry systems use battery-powered devices to unlock or lock doors. The system is then used to authenticate and control who has access to the business premises at specific times of the day. Once the door is closed and locked, only a person with the correct credentials and authorization can get it to open again.


Five Types of Keyless Entry Systems for Business

If you are considering installing a keyless entry system for business, your locksmith will probably advise you to choose one of the following options:


Proximity Key Cards

Proximity key cards are small and easy to use. Also, they are great options when dealing with a very busy entranceway. Although they can be copied or lost, just like ordinary keys, they are easy to carry, and people intuitively learn how to use them.


Mobile Access Control

The use of mobile phones for various activities has grown drastically over the last few years, and it now includes allowing you keyless entry into your building. As a business owner, you will save money because instead of issuing key cards to employees, you can simply configure their mobile devices to give them access.


Video-enabled Keyless Entry

If you want to maintain a human element in your security protocols, you can use video-enabled keyless entry systems. Through CCTV cameras, security personnel can monitor and control who comes and goes, giving you an added layer of security.


Key Fobs

The use of radio frequencies through key fobs has been popular for a long time in vehicles, and this technology can be configured to work on business entrances as well. However, you will not be able to store any of the employee’s credentials on the fob, which is one of the downsides.



Lastly, if you want a very advanced keyless entry system, you can try using biometric scanners on your doors. Employees will have to register unique characteristics, such as retinas, fingerprints, or faces. This kind of system will offer you one of the highest levels of security you can find, and it can be used with other types of keyless entry systems.


Can a Locksmith in Brooklyn Install Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses?

Yes, with the right training and equipment, great locksmith such as Locksmith Brooklyn can install keyless entry systems for your business. If you want reliable services, you can call Locksmith NYC right now, and a qualified locksmith will be at your place of business as soon as possible.

Can a Locksmith in Brooklyn Install Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses

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