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Our team of licensed locksmiths by the NY State meets and exceeds all of these criteria. We built up a respected reputation for quality, dependability and affordable prices. When you need a locksmith that you can trust, you should call us. Plus we understand that problems with locks and keys can arise at any time. In fact, it is often more important to get the prompt help of a professional locksmith at night than it is during the day. When you call us you can expect the same level of service, be it day or night.

We are the top emergency lockout service in New York CIty (NYC). Locksmith For NYC offers emergency locksmith near you. Services include: lock replacement, lock repair, new lock installation, door lock change and lockout service. (unlock a door)

We are open 24 hours and our locksmiths are nearby – Call now for an expected response time.

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Locksmith For NYC is proud to offer top locksmith services and security solutions to our clients. We Specialize in commercial locks, residential locks, installment hardware ,vehicle lockout, repair hardware, building lockout and much more with full range of locksmith services to clients throughout New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas.

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With us you get a top quality service and the installation of some of the most well known security brands in the country. Plus all our work is carried out by a skilled and experienced locksmith professional. It is a premium service, but at a fair price. If you are a householder, a business owner, or you need help with accessing your car, call today to find out about our affordable prices.

Locked out of your home or business?
Emergencies happen every day – Don’t panic! Call now, we are here to help you.

We provide 24 hour emergency “locksmith near me”
Our locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC can handle all of your locksmith needs. Our local locksmiths specialize in any and all emergency lockout situations. Thus: they can replace, repair or install any lock. Our goal is to ensure your safety. We understand how urgent these situations can be, Locksmith NYC promises that we’ll get to your location with urgency to assist you in sorting out your locksmith emergency.

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You love your bicycle, you often take it with you wherever you go. Sometimes however,…

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Broken door knob because of key

Broken keys that get stuck in our locks are probably one of the least pleasant…

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Getting locked out of your car is never fun. The added complications that come with…

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Locksmith For NYC: The company that everyone can rely on!

We’ve been serving our clients in New York (NYC) and the metropolitan area for more than 10 years. With expert, friendly and reliable locksmith services. Our local locksmith for commercial, residential, automotive and emergency situations, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week near you.

24 hour Locksmith near me

Service Area: We provide assistance – Locksmith in NYC:

Locksmith Manhattan – Our locksmiths in the Manhattan vicinity range from Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Upper Manhattan, Harlem, Midtown Manhattan to Lower Manhattan all offer 24 hr locksmith service and quick response time for all of your locksmith necessities.
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Locksmith Brooklyn – Our local locksmiths in Brooklyn areas provide the best locksmith service for house, car and office to clients across all neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. We will arrive at your location quickly and help you with all of your locksmith and security needs.
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Locksmith Queens – Our 24 hr. Mobile locksmiths in Queens area offer top locksmith service for home, auto and business to clients across all neighborhoods in Queens, NY. Our locksmiths near your location are ready anytime, day or night to help you with all of your locksmith demands.
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Locksmith Bronx – Our master locksmiths in Bronx area provide expert locksmith service for apartment, store and car to clients in all neighborhoods in Bronx, NY. Our locksmiths cover your location 24 hour a day. We will help you with all of your locksmith needs.
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Locksmith Staten Island – 24 hour locksmiths in Staten Island offer professional locksmith service to customers in all neighborhoods in Staten Island, NY. Our locksmiths are just a call away, 24/7 with a fast response time.

Call today – We would love to help you with all of your lock-smith needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

most common questions about locksmithing and security locks

What Services do Locksmiths Provide?

Usually when you first start searching for a locksmith, you may be unsure of what services you exactly need, or whether there is such a service covered by your local locksmith.  One of the first search words people start to type is “locksmith near me”. Or, if you are a bit more specific, you may search for “lock change” or “lock installation” or “automotive locksmith” etc.    Here is a breakdown of all services that a top-notch professional locksmith company will usually offer.  Residential Locksmith services: Most people discover the wonderful world of locksmiths when a common incident happens. They...

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How Locksmiths Help with Marshal Eviction?

Marshal evictions are one of those things that no one really looks forward to. It is a major headache for both the landlord, and needless to say, to the tenant! Locksmiths are aware of this often frequent situation, and play a crucial role that you will soon find out.    It may be that there are horrible tenants that trash the property of their landlord, are too loud, and come home intoxicated most of the time. It is needless to say why the landlord wants to evict them.The same thing is if they are one of those people that lie...

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Why contractors needs locksmiths for new projects?

  Property management can be quite a challenge for contractors, and often they need the help of a variety of professionals to do specialized jobs for them. One such group of professionals is locksmiths.    People often don’t think about locksmiths when thinking of new construction projects. Our thoughts usually imagine plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals and others working on site. But after they are done, you need a locksmith to make sure that all your doors, windows, etc. are properly secured.    In addition, locksmiths are also needed for the following jobs:  Apartment fire-proof door installation. Installation of child-guards on...

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Where can I get late night locksmith services in the Bronx?

To get late-night locksmith services in the Bronx, place a call to the locksmith service provider near you. Locksmith 4 NYC provides 24*7 services in the Bronx. Dial at (917) 696-8842 in case of an emergency situation like loss of key, broken key, and so on. I am locked inside my apartment in the Bronx. Who to call? Now, there are various emergency services provided by Locksmith 4 NYC. You just need to place a call at (917) 696-8842 and get your apartment unlocked within just 20 minutes. The company will send an expert who will be able to handle...

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What’s the best way to contact a Locksmith in New York City?

When you look for professional and trained locksmith in New York, make sure you're getting the help of a real licensed locksmith which works day & night 24/7 emergency service. Most trusted searching is google organic or google map to find a locksmith near you. What’s the best way to contact you online? search Locksmith For NYC 917-696-8842 you can find us on google, google map or multiple social media ,we are here to help you. Read More >>

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Why avoid cheap locksmith ? Fake Online Locksmiths = Scams

Locksmiths are skilled technicians who supposedly can open most locks with minimal effort. These guys make a livelihood by handling and picking locks. Therefore, in any mishap with locks, be it a loss of keys, a broken lock, or some other emergency, we all call for the best locksmiths around us.  They can be your savior on a winter night when you have locked yourself out of your house or the quickest way to ensure that your security is maintained by fixing or replacing broken locks. Are you looking for a cheap locksmith nearby? In the case of seeking a...

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Schlage vs Kwikset – Which is better?

When it comes to residential locks, you are mainly looking at 2 choices. The vast majority (95% or more) of locks are either of two major brands. The choice is between the classic, century-old Schlage, and its post-war competitor Kwikset. Before we begin rating the two, we would first like to discuss parameters that should influence the result.    Price: When it comes to the security of your home, we don’t think that you necessarily want the cheapest possible bet. Especially if that means compromising on security and quality. However, you do need to get value for money. The price...

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How to Choose the Right Door Lock?

Choosing the right lock for your door can be tricky. You have often seen locksmiths advertise the various types of lock systems for you. Terms like ‘deadbolt’, ‘Jimmy Proof’, ‘Mortise lock set’ etc. have been thrown around everywhere . At the end of the day the answer is simple, you want security.    No one ever said, my good-looking, sleek and aesthetic lock protected me from a break in!    Now, before settling down on which door lock is needed you need to consider a few things.    Your budget: How much can you spend? Your existing door frame (and...

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What’s the best high security lock? – Medeco vs Mul-t-Lock

The need for High-Security locks is quite pressing. We are not talking about the threat of break-ins and violent forced entries. That is also quite problematic. What we are talking about is the ease with which locks can be picked by even amateurs. It is estimated that 35% of door entries will show no signs of forced entries. This is a problem, especially when dealing with insurance claims, where companies need to see at least some signs of forced entry.Lock picking remains a serious challenge, but an even bigger challenge is Lock bumping. Lock bumping can be easily learnt from...

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