Commercial Lock Change Service in NYC – Most business owners will get the locks changed right away when they move into a new space. But there are plenty of other reasons to get a consultation. Severe or extreme weather can often damage locks. Age and natural deterioration also take their toll on commercial locks, which are used much more often and wear down quicker. If your locks are greatly outdated, it’s also a good idea to upgrade them regularly, to stay up-to-date on the latest in security protocols.

The certified technicians at Locksmith 4 NYC are here to help you find the perfect locking system for your business. With extensive knowledge of modern hardware, they can recommend the best options for your needs and budget. Then they’ll install the new locks quickly, with precise quality workmanship.

Give yourself peace of mind by working with a knowledgeable locksmith you can trust to help your safeguard your company.

Adams Rite entry combination lock in NYC
Adams Rite entry combination lock
Heavy duty mortise lock set in NYC
Heavy duty mortise lock set
Lockset for Aluminum Door
Complete lockset for Aluminum Door
Commercial Heavy duty door closer
Heavy duty door closer
Concealed Door Closer in NYC
Concealed Door Closer
Exit device hardware in NYC
Exit device hardware
Heavy duty lever handle Lock
Heavy duty lever handle


Our professional Locks change includes:

  • Licensed Insured Bonded Guarantee.
  • We only use Heavy Duty Grade 1 for Commercial locks. 
  • We can help you to choose the right locks: Series Mortise lock set, deadbolt, high security lock, cylinder, Series doorknob, Series lever handle, Series keyless lock, Series combination lock, heavy duty handle set. Digital glass door locks, storefronts locks, and many more… 
  • We also change Series Electric Strikes, Exit Devices, Exit Device Alarm, Series Door Closers, and Magnetic locks.
  • Reprogramming for digital locks, combination locks, and smart locks.
  • We can provide you all styles and decorative locks.
  • Top quality and friendly services ready to help in any way.
  • We specialize in solving your problems through the use of high quality locksmith skills and products.
  • Commercial Lock Change Service in New York City
  • Fair pricing, free estimates & quick response time.
  • Locksmith 4 NYC : The company That Anyone Can Rely On!

How to choose the right commercial locks for your business?

To choose the right commercial locks you need to take into consideration various factors like weather conditions, natural detonation as well as maintaining regular updates on your locking systems. Expert technicians at Locksmiths For NYC will help you procure and install the right commercial locks for your business. You can send an email at or drop a text on WhatsApp for more details and they will connect with you immediately. 

How much does it cost to change commercial locks?

The typical pricing to change commercial locks are $125 upwards, depending on what services you opt for like installation of new lock systems or upgrading the current locks and so on. You can send an email at for more details about the costs to change commercial locks.

Why do changing locks on commercial doors have to be done by a professional locksmith?

Expert and certified technicians at Locksmiths For NYC will help you procure and install the right commercial locks for your business and will recommend the best options based on your budget and security needs. The locking systems that they will install on your doors will be of high quality and the whole process will be efficient as well. For more information, you can send an email at or dial (917) 696-8842 to acquire professional locksmith services. 

How are Locks replacement done?

Locks replacements can be done by contacting a local locksmith like Locksmiths For NYC, who have expertise in replacing and installing new locks with the help of technicians and locksmiths that offer a wide range locks like series mortise lockset, deadbolt, high-security lock, cylinder, etc. You can send an email at for more information on how to replace your locks. 

How can you replace locks on commercial property?

Locks can be replaced by installing new locks like a series doorknob, series lever handle or digital door locks, storefronts locks, etc, depending on your security requirements. Locksmith For NYC offers high-quality lock change services that will help you replace locks on your commercial property easily. You can send an email at or

 dial (917) 696-8842 for professional assistance to replace locks on your commercial property. 

If you’re looking to hire the best locksmith service 

Contact us for more information about locks change in New York locksmith 4 NYC , we would love to help you day or night. We offer quick 24 hour service no matter when or where you need it.

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