Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Vacation Rentals in Brooklyn

Running a vacation rental in Brooklyn, you’ve got many choices to make, regarding many aspects of the business. But when it comes to a security system for your vacation rental, know that it’s an important element you should give a lot of thought on before choosing which way to go. One type of a security system is the Keyless Entry lock, which can be a perfect choice for some but not so much for others. Here are the pros and cons of this security system, and all you need to know about it.


Running a vacation rental in Brooklyn

When you’re an owner of a vacation rental, there are many elements that need your attention and time. But the base of everything should revolve around the safety and well-being of your renters, which come to your property for some much-needed relaxing time.


Pros of Keyless Entry Systems for a vacation rental in Brooklyn:

What are the perks of a Keyless Entry System for your Brooklyn vacation rental?


Easy Access

Many guests dread the situation in which they can’t find the hidden key for their vacation rental and are stuck outside, after a long trip and flight, with their luggage and maybe even kids who all want to just get inside and rest. When using a Keyless Entry for your vacation rental, you make your guests’ lives easier and help them get into vacation mode faster.


Secure Access

When your guests don’t have to carry round a key, there isn’t a chance that they will lose it and up the chances of a break in when someone else finds the key somewhere. A Keyless Entry system ensures your guests are secure.


Remote control

Some smart security systems feature the ability to remote control the lock of your property, so if there’s a situation in which your guests are locked out or needing your assistance, you can help them no matter where you are.


Cons of Keyless Entry System for a vacation rental in Brooklyn?

What are the cons of a Keyless Entry System for your Brooklyn vacation rental?


Could malfunction

Like anything else in the digital world – your smartphone, the keys to your car, your computer etc. – Keyless Entry Systems can also malfunction, resulting in issues of getting inside your property. Inn that case. A locksmith could help you out quickly and ensure your guests can enter the property.


More expensive

With their higher level of security, the price of Keyless Entry systems is also a little higher than the regular ones, so consider your budget before committing to buying one.


Power failure sensitive

Keyless Entry Systems are exposed to issues when there’s a power failure in the building.


In summary

Vacation rentals can benefit in a lot of ways from having a Keyless Entry system, especially in Brooklyn. Consult with Locksmith Brooklyn and see what kind of system would work best for your business and keep your guests as safe as they can be

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Vacation Rentals in Brooklyn

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