Upcoming Trends in Lock Technology in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the best and most interesting places to live in the entire world. It is packed full of people at every corner. This fact, however, has also come with the price of increased burglary and a sense of low security for its citizens. That’s why many of its residents are looking for better ways to protect their houses and businesses, and fortunately, there are many good things to come in this respect. The following article will detail some of the current and future technologies that are about to dominate the locksmithing world.


Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is one of the most promising aspects of home protection in the locksmithing industry. It provides many advantages in many different aspects of home protection. These have become so integral that many people in Manhattan are looking into integrating keyless entry into their houses and businesses.

The most prominent advantage of keyless entry is its higher level of security. Throughout thousands of years, only those with a key could have access to a locked perimeter. But now, all you need is a phone. You can define who exactly may enter your home and who cannot. There’s no need for physical copies of the key to be carried with you. This means that your house is not prone to any danger because of any physical key being lost, simply because there is no such key.


Big Emphasis on Cybersecurity

As mentioned before, our access to our home because tied in with the internet and the web, since that’s how we control who may enter our house. This naturally leads to a more secure house because of the lack of physical key requirements, but it also leads to an increased risk of cyberattacks. Nobody wants their home access to be suddenly controlled by some random crook who might not even be in the US.

That’s why today’s locksmiths are also trained to a certain degree in cybersecurity. They know the limitations of the smart–lock system they’re in charge of, and so they provide adequate security measures against hackers. This ensures that no one can unexpectedly wrench the control of the house’s entries from your hands.


3D Printing

3D printing is making a prominent entry to all aspects of our lives, be it food, home appliances, and now locks as well. The ability to create custom locks, tailor–made to the customer’s wishes, has allowed locksmiths to increase the security of their installed locks. No more standard – issues locks that everybody in the world knows how to operate and pick.

This also makes it much easier to fix any broken parts of the lock that might otherwise require an entirely new one to be installed. These locking systems can be quite expensive to replace at times, so the ability to fix a system that’s been rendered useless by a single broken part can be very cost-effective at times.



The environmental concerns and consequences of our actions are becoming ever more apparent to us all, with our planet being threatened by climate change and massive amounts of waste and garbage filling it. That’s why sustainability is becoming ever more integrated and thought – of in every action, including the design of locks and locking systems.

Many extra measures have been taken in recent years to ensure that the materials that locks are made of are more environmentally friendly. This includes recycled and recyclable materials and materials that can be disposed of in an eco–friendly manner. Furthermore, electronic locking systems are being designed to consume less energy, thus lowering both the environmental and consumer costs of such systems.



The world of locks is becoming ever more futuristic and modern. Because of this, the citizens of Manhattan can enjoy a much higher level of home protection, as well as a more sustainable future and lower maintenance costs for their home protection systems. So get onboard the train to the future, because there’s lots of good to be had in it.

Upcoming Trends in Lock Technology in Manhattan
Upcoming Trends in Lock Technology in Manhattan
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