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Adams Rite was established in 1955, and is known for its innovative designs and high quality products. It is considered a maximum-security lock. It is primarily used for narrow aluminum openings. Adams Rite makes, designs, and markets its door hardware products to commercial businesses and the construction industry. Its product line includes, electric strikes, exit devices for interior and exterior doors, electromechanical deadlocks and deadlatches. The products have been designed to accompany the clean lines of modern doors, while also providing the appropriate level of security. Adams Rite is definitely keeping up with the ever-changing lock industry by creating innovative electrified access control products used for aluminum and glass doors.


At Locksmith For NYC we offer commercial and residential locksmith services. Our locksmiths specialize in offering security solutions for high-traffic, commercial and industrial businesses. We can install locks, or add hardware features to existing doors for added security and convenience. Our locksmiths have enough experience with the Adams Rite brand to also make any needed lock repairs or hardware repairs needed to achieve full mobility again. We have experience with all of the Adams Rite products and features at Locksmith For NYC.


Commercial Locks and Lock Hardware

MS1850SN,MS1850SN Series MS Deadlocks
4530 Standard Duty Deadlatch
4591 Deadlatch Paddle
Deadlatch Paddle
4560 Series Deadlatch Handles
Deadlatch Handles
7160,7170 Electric Strikes for Mortise or Cylindrical Locks
Electric Strikes
8800 Series Life Safety Narrow Stile Starwheel Rim Exit Device
Exit Device








Adams Rite entry combination lock in NYC
Adams Rite – entry combination lock


Adams Rite products are generally used for commercial purposes. One of their most popular products that we install at Locksmith For NYC is their hands-free access control product. It is a hands-free solution that helps to improve the cleanliness of the facility since it reduces the things that are touched. Our locksmiths often install this type of product on high traffic areas of the business. Some of the hands-free products that we carry include the push/pull hardware, motorized and electric latch retraction, exit motion sensors, no touch exit switches, electric strikes, and wireless transmitters & receivers.



We know that businesses must operate at a level of efficiency that enables them to maximize their employees time. With easy entry and exit devices installed by our locksmiths, Locksmith For NYC can provide you with the most practical Adams Rite hands-free access control products. This is just one area that Adams Rite excels in, they also offer other lock solutions for commercial businesses and industrial facilities.


Easy Access

Adams Rite locks is a trusted name within the industry. Many businesses rely upon their locks and hardware to protect their business and enable employee’s easy access in and out on a daily basis. Whether our locksmiths are advising businesses of the type of Adams Rite locks that are best suited to their needs or installing them, they are sure to find the services of Locksmith For NYC vitally important. With the variety of commercial locks and lock hardware available, it’s important to know which brand can deliver the quality that our customers have come to expect from us. In many cases, we can rely on Adams Rite locks to provide us with the level of security that is best suited to the needs of our customers.


Adams Rite Lock Services in New York City

Locksmith For NYC offers a range of Adams Rite products that are suitable for every type of budget. Rely on our helpful associates to help you find the right Adams Rite lock product to suit your needs and your budget.

We offer a wide variety of locksmith services in all of the New York City boroughs: Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island.


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