American Lock started in the U.S in 1912. It has become known as the premier padlock company, crafting locks that offer industrial-grade security. It is the most widely known brand in The Master Lock Company’s lock brands. They are known for providing high-quality, customizable locks that offer reliable solutions for commercial and industrial businesses. American Locks has received credit for inventing the first keyless combination lock, double-ball locking mechanism, and solid padlock bodies. In 2003, Master Lock Company purchased the American Lock Company. Collectively, they have become the most widely known padlock manufacturing company in the world. Many of the locks manufactured by American Lock are used for transportation security, commercial security, schools, government buildings, and other public and private spaces.

American Lock brand


Locksmith For NYC provides its customers throughout New York City with various American Locks solutions for commercial, industrial, and personal use. We are committed to offering our customers the best and most reliable product brands on the market, which is why we choose to offer the American Lock brand. As a full-service locksmith company, we will provide you with the best lock based on how and where you wish to use it. Rely on our locksmiths to install or reinstall your American Lock padlock, combination lock, Bluetooth, and electronic locks. These types of locks are sure to offer you the level of security that you are seeking. Working with such well-established brands, such as American Locks, helps Locksmith For NYC to continue providing its customers with solidly built and creatively designed locks.


Premium Padlock

The most recognized types of padlocks that American Locks offer are solid brass padlocks, aluminum padlocks, solid steel padlocks, and hidden shackle padlock. Due to the construction and materials used to build their padlocks, it’s no wonder why American Lock is known for offering premium padlocks. They are among the strongest padlocks produced today and are among the most trusted, which is why we offer them at Locksmith For NYC.


Padlock Key Compatibility

Today, American Lock offers a complete line of serviceable padlocks that can be rekeyed to use with other padlock keys. We can now provide our customers with a quality commercial padlock compatible with their home or office keys. Currently, we offer three American Locks compatible padlock models. They differ in size and material but are a great option when you need compatible keying options.


Reliable American Lock Service in New York City

As a locally owned and operated locksmith company, Locksmith For NYC provides our customers with a host of American Locks padlocks, door hardware, combination locks, chain and cable locks, electronic locks, and more. You won’t find any other locksmith company in the area that offers such a wide selection of American Locks products to choose from than we do.

Our locksmith services are available to customers throughout all five New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens.


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