LCN offers door hardware and is within the Allegion group of lock brands. LCN products are often installed in high-traffic venues, such as hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, and government buildings. They are known for their innovative door closers and are among the most trusted hardware security brands offered today. LCN offers a high standard of performance, providing their customers with peace of mind in knowing their property will be well protected. They offer 35 types of closers and door hardware options to choose from with up to 20 years of operating life. It is capable of meeting a variety of safety and security needs with its high-security door closers, magnetic locks, automatic door openers, electromechanical door openers, touchless hardware, and more.

Many businesses in New York City and surrounding areas depend on Locksmith For NYC for their lock and hardware service needs. It is because we offer a large selection of hardware solutions, including LCN door closers. Our locksmiths have successfully handled many of the door closers that you’ll see in many of the businesses that depend on our locksmiths for their hardware security needs. We have come to depend on the LCN brand of door closers because they offer our customers the level of security that they need at affordable prices.

Reliable Door Closers

You’ll find a variety of door closers to choose from in the LCN line of door closures. The ones we install, repair, and replace most often include surface mounted, overhead concealed, fire & life safety, high security, and auto operators. They offer a closer for every type of property depending on their needs and the capacity of the doors where they are installed. Regardless of the application of the door closer, there is sure to be one that is fitted to the needs of the customer who needs to have it installed. Some of the closers offered by LCN offer ANSI and UL certified features, specialty fasteners and metal covers, heavy-duty construction with quiet operations, cast iron closers providing superior durability, and more. These are just some of the features that make them an industry favorite.

LCN Closer Locksmiths in New York City

When someone in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island needs an LCN closer locksmith, they often turn to Locksmith For NYC. We are known for the quality of service and products we offer, including the LCN brand of products. Many of the larger facilities require quick and efficient access in and out. We offer this with the installation of a durable, high-performance door closer offered by LCN. We recommend and offer them because they stand the test of time and hold up to years of use. Our locksmiths believe they offer our customers the best value for their money. Whether they need one replaced, repaired, or installed, you can leave it in the hands of our experts to perform the job for you.


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