Marks USA offers standard locks to those in the locksmith industry and hardware markets. They provide their clients with incredible savings on their locksets during the bidding and ordering process. It aids in acquiring additional business. They continue to increase their product line, which enables them to continue to increase business. Recently, they have introduced panic devices, door closers, and triple-play locksets. They offer such a superior product that they are willing to stand by it by offering a lifetime mechanical limited warranty. It is why you can depend on their products, as they are free of defective materials and offers superior craftsmanship. It is a limited warranty that is good for the life of the door. If it does not perform well, Marks USA will replace or repair the lock-free of charge. Some of their most notable products include mortise locksets, tubular, cylindrical, and electrified locksets.

Marks USA locks

Locksmith For NYC provides our customers with a host of Marks USA security locks. Our residential and commercial customers throughout the five New York City boroughs, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn can depend on us to help them find the best Marks USA lock solution for its intended use. We carry a variety of Marks USA locks and hardware because of their affordability and ease of use, and installation. Our local locksmiths install this brand locks and hardware in homes and businesses, such as hospitals and other institutions that require reliable lock hardware.


Antimicrobial Locks

There are many Marks USA locks that we could mention, but since we install a fair number of innovative locks, we thought we would highlight the lock that helps prevent the spread of germs. With a pandemic, it became apparent that many businesses had to operate while also remaining safe. They began requesting options that would enable them to remain safe and keep visitors safe. Our locksmiths often recommend an antimicrobial lock offered by Marks USA because it helps prevent the spread of germs and other harmful bacteria and the development of mold. They provide it in Grade 1 lock styles with a satin stainless steel finish, and is quickly refitted for a standard lock, mortise, and cylindrical lock. They are designed with performance in mind and exceed industry standards. Its use of silver ions is what makes its antimicrobial locks environmentally friendly, offering natural antimicrobial agents.


Reliable Marks USA Locksmiths in New York City

At Locksmith For NYC are reliable Marks USA locksmiths in New York City are the preferred locksmiths. They have studied many lock brands to determine the ones that are best suited to the needs of our customers, and Marks USA was among the ones unanimously chosen. They offer our customers in and around the New York City area, bang for the buck. They are easy to install and are offered for a variety of uses. We provide their full range of deadbolt locks, deadlatches, custom locksets, exit devices, door closers, and more. When you need to have a lock replaced, lock repairs, or lock installation, rely on our team of expert locksmiths to provide you with these services.


Locksmith for NYC Provide full locksmith services are available throughout New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and all surrounding areas.


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