Pros and Cons Mechanical Door Locks vs Electronic Door Locks

Nowadays, the technological advantages are allowing us to enjoy smart digital solutions for everyday things, one of them is digital security systems. In this article we’ll compare between the digital locks vs. traditional locks, so you can choose your perfect match.


First, asses your situation

Choosing between digital locks and traditional locks may seem overwhelming, but if you take it step by step, and consult a locksmith for their professional opinion, you will reach a conclusion that will have all your needs met.


How to choose between digital locks and traditional locks

So what are the key (pun intended) differences?



Digital locks are considered more secure, seeing as they operate using personal information that is hard to figure out like a passcode, whereas traditional locks operate via a key that could be copied if stolen.


Risk of loss

When you choose to go the digital route and have a locksmith such as Locksmith For NYC install a digital lock, you can rest assured that no keys will be lost in the future, resulting in an emergency lockout. Digital locks require no key, so you can put that worry out of your mind.


Dependency on power sources

Digital locks are dependent on a power source – meaning they could be exposed to an issue if there’s a power failure or malfunction in the house or building. Traditional locks are not connected to power and therefore are not prone to have this issue.


Remote access

Digital locks provide you with the advantage of having a remote access to your entry door and security system. Meaning you can control the digital lock from afar, using a smartphone connection, and decide who enters your property and where. Traditional locks of course do not have that option.


Multiple key holders

When we have multiple residents in the same house, say a family or even an office with multiple workers going. In and out of it all day, we need to deal with multiple key holders. Meaning, higher chance of losing the key, of having issues with the key, of having to make many copies and keep track on who has a copy and who doesn’t. When choosing a digital lock and not a traditional lock, you don’t have to worry about handling keys any more – workers and \or family members can enter the building using a passcode or a scan, whichever one you choose, and don’t have to worry about forgetting a key no more.


Who can install digital locks and traditional locks?

Whether you choose to go with digital locks or traditional locks, you will need a quality installation, and a professional locksmith such as Locksmith For NYC to get it done. Locksmith NYC are experts professionals with years of experience in the industry, with great customer service, and would love to help you choose a security system and install it.


In summary

Both digital locks and traditional locks have their pros and cons, and with the help of a professional locksmith you can choose the right one for you.

Pros and Cons Mechanical Door Locks vs Electronic Door Locks

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