Keyless Entry Systems Pros and Cons

These days, there are quite a few solutions when it comes to security systems. Whether it’s for your private home or your business, you might consider choosing a keyless entry system over a regular lock and key. In this article, we will go over both options and present the pros and cons of each.


Keyless entry systems – what exactly are they

A keyless entry system is a smart solution for when multiple people have the keys to a house or a commercial property, using a special code via which you enter the building. The code to the keypad can be changed if there’s ever a security breach.


Pros of keyless entry systems

When choosing a keyless entry system, you’re allowing for an easier, more convenient operation – you do not need to carry around a key or have multiple people carry multiple keys, worry you forgot them somewhere, or have to pay for expensive replacements if someone loses them. You can control your keypad from anywhere, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and decide who gets in and out of your house – even when you’re not there. In addition to that, a digital keypad with a code would be harder to break into than a regular lock.


Cons of keyless entry systems

The cons of a keyless entry system most relate to the fact that it’s a smart digital pad. In case of a system malfunction, Wi-Fi issues, or any other technical difficulty, the keyless entry system could stop working or require a technician.


Traditional locking systems

We are all acquainted with traditional locking systems – the key and lock every house used to have until a few years ago.


Pros of traditional locking systems

The pros of a more traditional lock and key system are it is very easy to use, and do not require any special demonstrations or explaining, as they’re very straightforward and commonly used among people of all ages. In addition to that, seeing as a regular lock and key are not dependent on electricity or Wi-Fi, they will function normally even when there are technical issues.


Cons of traditional locking systems

Which one of us hadn’t lost a key at some point? It is a very common thing to happen and is even more common among kids and elderly people. Furthermore, some high-end locks require specially made keys which are expensive to replace.


How to choose what’s right for you

In order to decide what would be the best fit for your life, your home, or your business, you should consider the steps below:


Understanding your routine

What does your routine require? Do you have kids who might forget or lose their key, meaning a keyless sentry system is the right choice for you? Do you live with an elderly person who might find a digital pad difficult to get used to?


Deciding on a budget

Different types of locking systems have different price points. When in search of the perfect system for your needs, decide on a budget and see which products fit within said budget.


Consulting a professional locksmith

When making an important decision such as choosing a keyless entry system for your home or business, there’s no room for games. By consulting with a professional locksmith, like Locksmith For NYC, you are making sure the best decision will be made, with the help of a qualified locksmith and their professional opinions and experiences.


To summarize

When choosing a keyless entry system for your home or business, you can have multiple people entering the door without having to worry about sets of keys, you can control it from afar, have the code changed as needed, and enjoy a more high-end solution to the safety of your property. To choose the right one for you, contact a professional locksmith.

Keyless Entry Systems Pros and Cons
Keyless Entry Systems Pros and Cons
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