Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Bronx How They Can Help You Save Money

What Insurers Look For

Insurance companies and policies are extremely diverse, and their requirements vary widely. However, one thing they all have in common is that they want to minimize risk as much as possible. That’s why many (but not all) companies will offer to reduce your annual premium if you take steps to significantly improve your home or business security.

The basis of any security system is its locks. Some insurance companies state a preference or requirement for which types of locks they accept – often deadlocks, mortise locks, or multiple point locks. It’s important to check this before you come to us to install a lock, and show us the list of accepted mechanisms, so that we know we’re installing a suitable model. In many cases, this will not just lower insurance costs, but actually prevent insurance companies from having a reason to refuse to cover you after a break-in.

Other steps you can take with a locksmith include securing all doors and windows – not just the front door – with appropriate, high-security locks which are also practical for everyday use. As locksmiths, we are able to scan the perimeter of your property for potential entry points you may not have noticed, and offer you potential solutions to secure them.

Lastly, many locksmiths will help you to install other security systems, such as CCTV or burglar alarm systems. These are also valuable tools when it comes to reducing insurance costs with many companies. Again, companies may have specific preferences in terms of what system they would like -– often one which is linked to the local police station.


The Importance Of Having The Right Security

Even in cases where home insurance companies have no preferences or requirements from you, and will not guarantee a reduced premium or reduced costs for installing extra locks or cameras, there are multiple insurance-related advantages to consulting a locksmith.

Your own peace of mind is an important factor to consider when planning your home security system. There is, first, the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done all you can to show your insurance company that you’ve taken your responsibility to secure the home or business appropriately. But there is an additional factor to consider: not all areas of The Bronx are equally safe, and often crime in New York City can be serious – armed robbery, cars crashing into glass storefronts, and targeted theft of businesses and homes alike are all, sadly, well-documented occurrences in most boroughs. A good security system can help you to relax knowing that you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself and those around you.

Preventing potential break-ins is a key advantage of improving your home security. Robbers typically prefer to target places that are simple to infiltrate, where they can quickly enter and leave with as little risk of being caught as possible. In these situations, your best bet is to make your home as visibly well-secured as you can. This will deter most potential robbers from even attempting to enter your home – and, in doing so, prevent clashes with your insurance.

Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Bronx
Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Bronx
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