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We Provide Mortise lockset Installation Services and Change for all types of Mortise Lock set in NYC and surrounding areas . Locksmith For NYC has everything a professional Locksmith would need.
We work Day and Night for Emergency Locksmith Service in case you need Repair Mortise lockset Service or Lockout services.

Many people aren’t sure what mortise locks are, but we are going to explain this in great detail. That way, you know what you need for your home or business. If you’re still unsure, though, you can always ask one of our team members directly. They’re here to serve you.

Mortise Lock


What’s a mortise-style locking mechanism?

The mortise lock is sometimes spelled as ‘mortice,’ especially in British English. However, it’s a lock that uses a pocket, which is cut into the edges of the furniture or door to which it is being fitted. The pocket is the mortise, and it is an excellent mechanism. If you want a mortise-style device installed.

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What’s the difference between a mortise and tubular lock?

Tubular locks feature a latch bolt and the deadbolt as two separate holes. With a mortise lock, both of the bolts are fully encased in a steel box. Each one fits into that single hole. There aren’t any real dangers of using separate holes versus one hole, so it’s just a style preference.


Is a mortise lock secure?

Most definitely is! As a form of entry, a mortise lockset is the most secure form. The major reason for that is due to a unique cut in a door which allows a thicker and longer mortise to slide in making the door significantly more protected. 


Can locksmiths open mortise locks?

Yes, however, it can be harder to open a mortise lock. Some of them take a lot longer to open than a euro or rim lock. Therefore, locksmiths could charge more to open them. Please call (917) 696-8842 to request help opening a mortise lock. We can provide you with a quote before we begin any work.

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Locksmith for NYC is the leading manufacturer in the highest security market, including:
Schlage, Corbin, Yale,
Marks, Arrow, Sargent, Baldwin ,
OMNIA, EMTEK And more,
With the quality Mortise lockset from these industry leading brands in NYC

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  • Commercial Mortise lockset / Residential Mortise lockset : Grade 1, Grade 2,
  • Trim Types: Roses, Escutcheon Plates, Handle-set, Levers, Knobs, Decorative Trim
  • Finish: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome and more.
  • Sizes: 2-1/2″ and 2-3/4″ backset
  • Function: Entrance/Office, Entry, Storeroom, Classroom, Privacy, Passage, Vestibule, Full Dummy, Fail Safe, Corridor.
  • Regular security – Maximum security
  • All Styles and Decorative Mortise Locks

Mortise Lock set are the most popular locks in Residential and Commercial buildings in New York City. 

Locksmith for NYC has everything a professional locksmith would need.
We Provide mortise locks installation and  locks repair services.
24/7 Emergency Service for any mortise lock lockout situations to clients across New York City and surrounding areas.

also we change all types of mortise locks including:

  • Entry mortise lockset
  • Storeroom Mortise lockset
  • Classroom Mortise lockset
  • Privacy Mortise lockset
  • Passage Mortise lockset
  • Vestibule Mortise lockset


We’re Here to help – Mortise Lockset Installation NYC  – Here is what we can offer you:

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Storeroom Mortise Lock
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Omnia Contemporary Lever Mortise Lock
 Mortise Lockset Installation service NYC
Mortise Lockset Installation NYC






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