Preventing Lock Bumping and Lock Picking in Bronx_ Essential Tips

While being a more cost – effective place to live in compared to other NYC areas, Bronx is known to be a not a very safe neighborhood in New York, and as such, its’ residents should be educated and aware of lock bumping and lock pickings that can occur in their area. In this article we’ll talk about how to prevent lock bumping and lock picking with a few useful tips, who can you contact in case of a break in and everything else you should know.


Living safely in the Bronx

The Bronx is not the safest New York neighborhood – and as such, you should be very active in your pursuit for house safety when living in this area. You never know when someone might try lock picking at your front door, and you should always be prepared.


Lock bumping and lock picking – explained

What is lock bumping? It is the name of a picking technique that entails picking a pin tumbler lock using a bumper key or a 999 key that is specially crafted for the task. It creates more damage than regular lock picking, which can be done with gentler tools and might be harder to track as it can leave no track behind if done skillfully. Some locks are prone to be bumped, but some, like BiLock Deadbolts cannot be bumped because they operate via a pin or sidebar lock system that is resilient to lock bumping.


Tips for preventing lock bumping and lock picking in the Bronx

So how do you go about preventing lock bumping and lock picking in the Bronx? Here are a few useful, essential tips:

  • Not using pin and tumbler locking mechanisms as your security systems, as they can be easily lock bumped or picked
  • Using bump -proof locks such as keyless locks
  • Using smart locks that provide you with monitoring abilities and motion detectors to notify you if someone opened your door
  • Having a professional locksmith do regular checkups on your locking systems to make sure they are reliable


Who should you contact in case of a break in?

If there’s been a break in in your house, or even if you noticed your lock has been picked or bumped, you should contact a reliable locksmith such as Locksmith For NYC immediately, in order to prevent future break ins, damage to your property and danger to your family members. Locksmith For NYC are experts when it comes to dealing with picked locks, and can provide you with the best locking mechanisms and systems in order to minimize the chances your locks would get picked or bumped again Locksmith For NYC are know to have:


Many years of experience in the field, so that you can rest assured your house’s safety is in good, highly experienced hands that are experts in their filed


Locksmith For NYC is a reliable company, which put integrity and honesty first, so you know you are dealing with reliable professionals that will be honest with you all the way.


One of the makings of a great locksmith is their 24/7 availability. You need you locksmith to be highly available in order to help you out with situations like lock bumping or lock picking, no matter the time or day. Locksmith  Bronx are there for you 24/7 so you can be sure someone has your back.


To summarize

Preventing lock bumping and lock picking is crucial in an area like the Bronx, and by making sure you follow the essential tips you can minimize your chance of getting hit with lock picking or lock bumping – but even if you do, Locksmith For NYC has got your back and can help you out no matter when.

Preventing Lock Bumping and Lock Picking in Bronx_ Essential Tips

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