Rekeying vs. Lock Replacement in Bronx_ Making the Right Choice

Even responsible house owners who put in a lot of money and effort into their security systems may find themselves needing to change something in their systems every once in a while – and sometimes there is an incident which requires us to consider a change in either key or the lock itself. So when it comes to it, what should you do? In this article we’ll explore both options of rekeying versus lock replacement for your home in the Bronx. All the details are right here.

Safety in the Bronx

Bronx residents know a good security system is key in order to keep themselves and their families safe in the area. Knowing what type of locking mechanism best suits your property is important, and a professional locksmith can help you out on deciding with which method to go. But what happens if your lost you keys, had a break-in attempt or somehow damaged your locks? What are your options?

What is rekeying and how does it differ from lock replacement?

A rekeying is a method in which you can have a locksmith changes the lock pins in order to prevent the previous key from opening it, also called rekeying a door. It differs from lock replacement because in rekeying you do not replace the hardware itself, having to re-install a new locking mechanism to the door, but you only need to alter the lock pins so that previous keys won’t operate within it. It is a more cost-effective solutions which allows you to keep your current doorknob. You essentially alter the mechanism of your lock to a brand new one, and thus getting a new key that can open it.

Rekeying vs. lock replacement – which method should you choose?

It depends on a few things –

  • What is your budget? A lock replacement is usually more expansive than a rekey
  • What is the reason for rekeying or lock replacement? If it’s a break in attempt that made you want to rekey your lock, maybe a lock replacement is a good idea, but if you are simply wanting to upgrade your mechanism on your security system, rekeying could do the job
  • Moved to a new house? You might want to rekey the lock so that the previous owners won’t be able to enter using their old key
  • Do you wish to keep the current locks on your door? If you have good quality locks you might want to rekey instead of swapping them out
  • Is your lock showing signs it’s begging to deteriorate? Rekeying will not help in this situation and you should replace the lock itslef
  • Is the situation time sensitive? Rekeying takes way less time than lock replacement

Who can you turn to for deciding between rekeying vs. lock replacement?

When trying to choose between rekeying vs. Lock replacement for your Bronx property, it is crucial to contact a reliable locksmith such as Locksmith Bronx, NYC. Only a professional can detect the needs of your property security wise and suggest a reliable solution which will solve your issue without taking a lot of time or costing unnecessary money. Locksmith For NYC have a team of skilled technicians who are fit to solve any issue, including making the right choice between rekeying vs. lock replacement.

To summarize

Having your lock damaged or your key malfunctioning is very unpleasant and concerning, especially if you live in the Bronx area and wish to keep your property safe fro m all harm. Having solutions such as rekeying vs. lock replacement is great, but when you need to make the right choice, you should contact Locksmith For NYC in order to sort it out without spending excess money or getting unfit solutions for your problems.

Rekeying vs. Lock Replacement in Bronx_ Making the Right Choice

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