Brooklyn is a wonderful place to live, work and visit. But even devoted residents will admit that this colorful borough has its downsides – mainly, it’s expensive! To find out how locksmiths like us can save you money while you’re living here while also keeping your home safe, read on.


Locksmith Services and Home Insurance – What We Can Do For You

The first advantage a good locksmith can offer when it comes to home insurance may seem obvious, but it does bear saying: prevention. Whether it’s a secure lock and key, or an entire system of smart locks and cameras, our services are the first and most important layer when it comes to preventing break-ins.

But our relationship with home insurance can also be more direct. Many home insurance policies will directly state that they require a home to be secured, and even secured by specific types of lock or key. It’s important to check your policy carefully, so you don’t end up accidentally invalidating your agreement and finding yourself without cover should you ever suffer a break-in.

Even if no specific requirement is listed on the policy, some insurers will refuse to cover you if they have reason to think that your door was not locked at the time of the incident. If you’re prone to forgetting to lock the door, we may be able to help you by installing an automatically-locking mechanism which will shut as soon as you’ve left the house.

As locksmiths, we are always happy to sit with our clients and come to situation-specific solutions.


Your Home Security Is The Most Important Investment You’ll Make

As a homeowner, you’re always thinking about the importance of investing in your property. Whether it’s a matter of keeping mold and vermin out, or refurbishing to make your apartment as safe and beautiful as possible, part of the joy of home ownership is maintaining and improving the place you’ll call home.

But one aspect of home investment people don’t always think about is their security situation. Any home can be targeted by thieves, robbers, and criminals. Some are even unlucky enough to need to secure their homes against people they know. Having your home properly evaluated by a locksmith, and having proper solutions installed, is the best way to keep your house a safe haven, where you can always trust you’ll be okay.

Besides, the investment has its returns – many home insurance plans will require that you have a sufficient layer of security in your property before agreeing to insure you. That means that in the long run, investing in locksmith services can save you money.


What about professionals?

If you’re the manager or owner of a business, you may have just as much reason to take care when it comes to your insurance policy. It’s your responsibility to secure your business and protect the money it produces, and you need to be able to prove that you have taken every precaution should you ever have reason to make a claim with your insurance company.

We offer a multitude of commercial services for all types of businesses, and are happy to discuss options with you.


Can home insurance companies help me cover the cost of locksmith services?

The locksmith service most likely to be covered by insurance is the replacement or repair of a lock which has been broken as a direct result of the burglary. You may also be covered when it comes to replacing the cost of stolen keys.

Outside of emergency situations like this, some home insurance companies will offer to cover other various locksmith services. However, it’s important to note that these cases are rare, and even where they do happen, they rarely cover the whole cost. That’s why it’s important to find a locksmith who is trustworthy, consistently available, and reasonable in price – and keep their number on hand in case of emergency.

Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Brooklyn

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