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Usually when you first start searching for a locksmith, you may be unsure of what services you exactly need, or whether there is such a service covered by your local locksmith. 

One of the first search words people start to type is “locksmith near me”. Or, if you are a bit more specific, you may search for “lock change” or “lock installation” or “automotive locksmith” etc. 


Here is a breakdown of all services that a top-notch professional locksmith company will usually offer. 

  1. Residential Locksmith services: Most people discover the wonderful world of locksmiths when a common incident happens. They get locked out! Then, a quick Google search “Locksmith near me” for example, or “Locksmith in Manhattan” reveals a list of the most popular locksmiths in the area you are living in. Then you usually make the call to the company.
    Now most calls to locksmiths are emergency calls. Hence, one of the most  advertised services of a truly professional locksmith company is 24/7 emergency services. This service is essential in helping those people that have been locked out of their residential units. A professional locksmith company always features 24/7 emergency services for house lockout situations.
    • Another job of residential locksmiths is helping with lock change and lock re-keying. – Both are essentially precautionary security measures taken in order to prevent old roommates and tenants from sneaking back in. In other cases, you may need to do this after a break in has occurred at your residence. Lock repair services are also similarly needed to make sure that broken locks, or those locks damaged by forced entry can be fixed. 
    • Lock installation services are often requested by property managers, contractors and new homeowners.  These are very important contracts for locksmiths. They are often done only by very professional companies with many employees. Whether it is one independent house, or a whole apartment that needs lock installation, the key is that work needs to be consistent and the company trustworthy for such tasks. 
    • Other residential locksmith services include lock replacement and key duplication services. In the former case, you need it to restrict others from entry and the latter is to allow more than one person to have access to your house or apartment. 
  1. Commercial Locksmith Services: The core of commercial locksmith services is in many ways similar to residential locksmiths. 24/7 emergency services, and business lockout situations dominate most queries. Just that the wide varieties of commercial locks and the complexities associated with them make these services more challenging than regular residential locksmith services. 
    • Commercial lock change, lock installation, and lock repair are similarly more challenging. The economic cost, and likelihood of business break-ins as opposed to residential ones make commercial locksmiths highly sought after. The most professional companies don’t just deal with commercial locks, but also provide full on security systems. This includes, but is not limited to, keyless entry solutions, installation of security cameras, intercom systems, and access control systems.
    • Something more unique to the job of commercial locksmiths is the daunting task of setting up and managing a master key system. Since there are so many ways to get frauded, it is essential for businesses to only work with well-trusted companies in this line. 
    • Implementing master key solutions is not a one-time thing. Master keys themselves will need constant replacing and changing over the lifetime of a business. There will also be multiple master key systems within the same company, often in a hierarchical structure. A locksmith company known to have a good portfolio of implementing master key systems for clients can be a key benchmark for their trustworthiness. 
  1. Automotive Locksmith Services: Automotive locksmiths are not mere locksmiths, they are also part-time mechanics. Car lockout, or vehicle lockout services are the most common. Often, in these cases responding to emergency situations could lead you to addresses in the middle of nowhere. 
    • Auto locksmiths need to be familiar with different automotive brands and types of keys in order to easily duplicate car keys. In this case they need to become electronics experts too, as a good share of car keys work electronically to open or lock the car. 
    • Some of the most sensitive and challenging tasks of an automotive locksmith deal with broken key extraction and ignition replacement. To offer these services, the technicians working for the locksmith company need to be part-time mechanics as we mentioned previously. Locksmith companies that can successfully complete this task for a range of automotive brands are sure to become very successful overall as automotive locksmiths. 
  1. Other Services:  There are some other services that most often people don’t associate with locksmiths, but are quite critical. 
    • One of them is installing, or repairing apartment fire proof doors. These are very critical contracts that often have to meet stringent building codes. Fire proof doors are often required to be had by law in both residential and commercial buildings. Property owners definitely don’t want to be responsible for deaths during a fire outbreak. A more common reason is to have a trusted professional install the fire-proof doors is to avoid the hefty fines that inspectors can put on you. Besides the fire proof doors, locksmiths deal with, and install fire escape gates on the property for help in escape during an actual fire! 
    • Another overlooked, and critical service offered is having a child guard installed by your window. This is extremely critical to prevent your child from falling to their deaths (something far too common in apartments that don’t employ child guards). 
    • Window gate installation services are also becoming very critical. In many cases, they may be even required by the building codes, depending on the area you live in. Professional locksmiths are usually well-aware of various security concerns surrounding your home or business. They can easily extend the knowledge they have in preventing door break-ins to prevent window break-ins as well. 


This is a comprehensive breakdown of all critical locksmiths services that will be provided by professional and trustworthy locksmiths companies. Quite often, you can rate a locksmith company’s success by seeing the variety of services they provide. In many cases, you can know that a locksmith company is probably a scam if it only promotes itself as a company offering lockout services. 

The unfortunate reality of locksmith frauds and scams is hard to ignore and it is something that we, as professional locksmiths take to heart. 

Hence, we advise everyone to familiarize themselves with the range of things that locksmiths actually do, and build a trusted relationship with a locksmith company for emergency situations.

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