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Did you forget your keys inside your house or lose them? Is your key stuck in a lock and the door won’t budge? No matter how it happens, getting locked out of your home can sometimes put you in a scary and dangerous situation. While it’s a major inconvenience, to say the least, there are things that you can do to help you get inside quickly and steps you can take to prevent getting locked out again. While there are several ways to get into your home, the quickest and most efficient way is to call a locksmith near you. Need a locksmith near Brooklyn New York? Locksmith For NYC has got you covered! 


How Can I Get Back into My Home? 

Although it may seem impossible while you’re experiencing a residential lockout, take a deep breath and consider your options. The following possibilities may help you get back inside. 


Look for Open Windows and Doors 

Check every single window that is within your reach. Make sure that you check your side and back doors as well. You may have missed one that is unlocked due to your emotional state. If one of your windows is unlocked then you might be able to open it and climb through. This is the perfect solution for those who have left their keys inside. However, if your key is jammed in the door lock or if you need a key replacement because you lost your only set, you should still call a locksmith near Brooklyn New York. Nevertheless, waiting for a locksmith in the comfort of your home is always preferred to waiting outside, especially in the freezing cold.


Check to See if Someone Has a Spare Key 

Is there anyone who has a spare key to your house? Perhaps your spouse, a neighbor, or friend has a spare key. Have you given a family member one in case of an emergency? Give them a call and if they do, ask if they’re available to let you in. 


Call a Locksmith 

Calling a reputable locksmith will guarantee that you get back into your home quickly and efficiently. Although this may be your first lockout experience, locksmith companies are professionals that deal with lockouts all the time and will gladly answer any questions or concerns that you have. Most locksmiths are available 24/7 for a residential lockout


How Can I Find a Locksmith Near Me in Brooklyn New York? 

Looking for a locksmith near Brooklyn New York? Locksmith For NYC serves all five boroughs in New York City and can send over a locksmith to your home in Brooklyn New York. We perform quick and efficient lockout services. After calling us, a trained locksmith should arrive at your home in under 20 minutes and will get you inside in little to no time! Call us today if you’re locked out of your home or are in need of any other lock services in Brooklyn New York. 


How Can I Prevent a Home Lockout? 

You’ve learned your lesson after getting locked out of your house, and definitely don’t want it to happen again. Here are some steps you can take to prevent getting locked out a second time. 


Stash a Spare Key in a Hidden Lock Box 

Instead of hiding a key in an obvious place such as under a doormat, plant pot, or in a fake rock, stash a spare key in a hidden lock box. This may come as a surprise to you, but most burglaries involve no forced entry. Burglars are aware of all the hide-a-key solutions out there and can easily find your secret key. Make sure that everyone living in your home knows the combination, that way if someone forgets their key they can still get in. Some people put their lock box in plain sight which works well, but a hidden lock box is more secure than a visible one. 


Give a Spare Key to Someone You Trust 

Don’t give your keys out like candy, but make one or two copies of your house key and give them to a trusted neighbor or friend. It’s also a good idea to give one to a family member who lives nearby in case of an emergency. 


Consider Going Keyless 

Keyless locks may be the right fit for you if you’re someone who loses their keys frequently or doesn’t want to hand out a bunch of copies. With keyless locks, it’s easy to change the passcode without having to change the locks. Locksmith For NYC offers 24-hour keyless lock installations, repairs, and replacement services to all of New York City. Call us for more information. 

Getting locked out is never fun and can happen at any moment. Luckily locksmiths are available to get you out of lock-out situations. However, it’s always a good idea to take precautions now, so the next time you lose or forget your keys you’ll have a plan that will get you back inside your house.

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