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In this day in age, well functioning door locks are an absolute necessity while broken locks are a vulnerability that can lead to home and office break-ins. If your locks are broken you’re going to need to get them repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Don’t put off taking care of your faulty locks, instead call a reputable locksmith right away! Choosing whether to get your locks repaired or replaced usually depends on how they broke in the first place and if they’re a quick fix or broken beyond repair. However, deciding when to do what can be difficult for you to know on your own. Luckily, a locksmith can help you make the right decision. Are you looking for lock installation Brooklyn? Need to get your locks repaired? Locksmith For NYC has got you covered. Read this FAQ page to find out when you should get your locks repaired and when you should get them replaced.


When Should I Get My Broken Locks Repaired?

Getting your broken locks repaired is usually the cheaper option. However, sometimes the damage can be so bad that you’re better off getting your locks replaced. Here is when it’s appropriate to get your broken locks repaired:


Old or Worn Locks

It is estimated that on average a residential lock can last around seven years depending on factors such as usage, wear and tear, and weather. If your locks are old or worn, it’s possible that a certain part just needs to be repaired and you’ll be able to continue using your locks for a few more years. Ask a professional locksmith if it’s worth it to repair your lock or get it replaced.


Locks Won’t Turn Easily

Is it difficult for you to unlock your door? Locks are designed to be able to turn swiftly and you should not have to exert an excessive amount of pressure to turn them. Your lock may be suffering from an impairment and should be looked at by a professional. There’s a chance that your lock is just dirty and needs to be cleaned or it may be broken beyond repair and needs to be replaced entirely.


Loose Locks

When you tug on your locks do they feel loose? If they do, they’re certainly not as secure as they should be. Don’t allow your loose locks to put your safety on the line. Call an experienced locksmith to repair your locks. 


When Should I Get My Broken Locks Replaced?

Sometimes you can get away with just repairing your locks, other times you’ll have to replace your locks entirely. Here is when you should get your locks replaced:



Has your home or office been broken into? If it has, it’s urgent that you get your locks replaced right away. The burglar may have destroyed your locks in an attempt to break in or has a key. In any case, your locks have been compromised. It’s time to replace your locks with ones that intruders can no longer break into. Get your lock installation Brooklyn today.


Rusted Locks

Locks can become rusted through usage, wear and tear, and extreme weather. Either way, if your locks are rusted or hard to use, they’ll need to be replaced.


Upgrading Your Locks

Are your locks broken and you want to upgrade your current locks to something with additional security? You can trade in your residential or commercial locks for high-security, smart, or keyless locks. Feel free to discuss your options with Locksmith For NYC!


A Single Part of Your Lock is Broken

Let’s say that your lock is no longer functioning correctly due to a faulty latch. You can replace the single broken part of your lock instead of replacing it entirely. By doing this you can save a lot of money!


Where Can I Get My Locks Repaired or Replaced in Brooklyn?

Are you looking for lock installation in Brooklyn or to repair your locks? If you are, Locksmith For NYC serves all neighborhoods within Brooklyn. Our trained locksmiths can get your locks repaired or replaced quickly. We’ll also use our years of experience and knowledge to diagnose your locks and come up with the right solution for you. We’ll tell you whether the right decision is to repair, replace, or partially replace your locks. Remember faulty locks will leave your home and business vulnerable to attacks. Call us today and we’ll repair or replace your broken locks for an affordable price.

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