Magnet door locks, also referred to as electromagnetic locks, are often installed on glass doors, double swing doors, and gates. The electromagnet is the largest and heaviest part of the hardware that makes up the electromagnetic device. They are made of laminated steel core and fine copper wiring. The ends receive a low voltage current of either 12 or 24V DC to create a magnetic field within the steel core. The other component to the part is the armature, its heavy steel plate. The various types of magnetic locks have varying hold forces. An electromagnetic lock offers a huge amount of holding power.

Allow Locksmith For NYC to install your magnetic locks. We offer our customers in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, and areas surrounding these boroughs; magnetic lock installation, repair, and replacement services. It is installed on indoor and outdoor doors, single and double doors, metal gates and doors, glass doors, and other heavy-duty doors. We only rely on the highest quality of magnetic door locking systems from top brands, such as Sargent and Schlage.

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Choosing a Magnetic door Lock

Despite the magnetic locks all serving the same function, they are used for different purposes. How you intend on using it will determine which type you should use. You may not know what you need to consider when choosing a magnetic lock; however, we do. Here are some of the things \you’ll want to consider before deciding which type of magnetic lock you’ll use.

Single Door or Double Door
Identify which type of door the lock will be used on, and this will enable a locksmith to help you offer the right type of magnetic lock

Surface Mount, Flush Mount, or Mortise Mount
You’ll need to determine how you would like to have the magnetic lock mounted. You’ll have to choose to have it surface mounted, mortise mounted, or Flush mounted.

Holding Force
One of the most important things you should consider when choosing a magnetic lock is its holding force. When you know the holding force, you’ll need, you can choose the right lock to meet your holding requirements.

Indoor Magnetic Lock or Outdoor Magnetic Lock
It’s also important to determine if the magnetic lock will be installed indoors or outdoors. Knowing this will help you key in on the type of magnetic locks best suited for its location.

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Magnetic door Lock Installation Locksmith in New York City

The magnetic lock locksmith in New York City that you need to familiarize yourself with will be at Locksmith For NYC. We have a team of the most experienced locksmiths, providing commercial and residential locksmith services throughout New York City and surrounding areas. Our locksmiths will help with every aspect of your magnetic lock needs, helping you find the one suitable for your needs, replacing parts, adjusting parts, or changing any parts of the lock that are not working. To ensure you receive the locksmith services you need when you need them, rely on our local locksmith.

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Magnetic Lock Products and Magnetic Lock Service in New York City

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