Panic Bars For Exit Door

Panic bars are also called push bars, exit bars, or crash bars. If you require a safe and effective way to evacuate in an emergency, a panic bar is what you need. These are mandatory by law in such places as shopping centers, commercial buildings, government facilities, schools, restaurants, hospitals, industrial buildings, and wherever there are large numbers of people gathered together. If you don’t want to be irresponsible, we suggest that you make sure you have the necessary number of panic bars for the amount of space you occupy. A locksmith can help you identify what is required for your property. There are a variety of panic bars or exit bar options that you’ll have to choose from in every price range.

You can rely on Locksmith For NYC to install, maintain, and repair your panic bar. Our locksmiths provide panic bar services in the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and surrounding areas. They have received extensive training on effectively installing panic bars or exit devices of every kind, regardless of the manufacturer. We offer the best quality of panic bars from leading manufacturers, such as Adams Rite, Von Duprin, and Dorma.

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Types of Panic Bars

Our locksmiths are prepared to assist you in determining which type of panic bar is best suited to your needs. They’ll also help you choose the right size, and style based on your design preferences. When choosing a panic bar, you’ll need to know the type of door it is being installed on and your operating options, which will be discussed with you in detail.

The types of doors you’ll have to choose from usually include glass doors, aluminum doors, heavy duty doors, single or double doors, wood and metal doors.

The operating options you’ll have to choose from include panic bar with keypads, panic bars with alarms, panic bar with different types of mounting heights, panic bars with touch or crossbars, panic bars with electric strikes, panic bar with trims in various styles, and functions, panic bars with vertical rods.

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Panic Bar Installation Locksmiths in New York City

Locksmith For NYC gives its customers every reason to contact us when they need panic bar installation locksmiths in New York City. We handle hundreds of panic bar installations for commercial and industrial customers in New York City and surrounding areas. You’ll receive the highest quality of panic bar at the most affordable prices when you rely on our expert locksmith nyc.

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