What Are the Most Secure Types of Locks

Choosing a security system for a property involves many steps and careful considerations. When trying to decide which lock would be the perfect addition to your security system, it’s best to know what types of locks are out there and how they compare to one another. In the article below you’ll find this information and more.


What are the categories of the different types of locks

What general categories are available in the market today?

  • Mechanical locks – the most commonly used type of locks, both commercially and residentially. They are usually made of some kind of metal, and are operated using a key.
  • Electronic locks – locks that aren’t dependent on keys but rather a magnetic chip or card.
  • Biometric locks – a very innovative category, of locks being used in high-security facilities, operating via a retina scan, voice recognition or a fingerprint scan. This would be the most expensive category in the market.


What locks are meant for more heavy-duty doors and entryways?

Which types of locks will be fit to protect your property from the outside?

  • Mortise lock – a very powerful type of lock meant for heavy-duty locking of external doors, can be altered to fit different types of door
  • Deadbolt lock – a secure locking system, meant for external doors, harder to be broken by a knife or other hand tools used for surpassing a lock
  • Smart lock – the newest addition to the market, a smart lock will mostly be made out of a digital pad, and won’t necessarily require a key (maybe as an addition) but instead will operate via a passcode or a chip
  • Keyless entry system – a system not requiring a key at all, but a passcode


What locks are meant for lighter door locking, or indoor locking of objects?

What types of locks can you integrate inside your facility to secure doors and different objects?

  • Knob locks – not meant for external doors, as they can be broken quite easily
  • Padlocks – meant to lock and secure lockers, chests, suitcases, briefcases, and other objects
  • Cam locks – a rotate-to-lock system, mostly used in vending machines, display cases, and cabinets
  • Lever handle locks – locks that are meant for the indoors, similar to knob locks in terms of the mechanism, and provide privacy inside the property without having to use a key


What should you consider when choosing a lock?

What are the top things you should keep in mind when searching for the right lock for your facility?

  • Materials – choose a lock made from the best quality materials you can find, so that it will be able to stand the test of time, and weather and will be more resistant to attempts of breaking
  • Where will it be installed – some types of locks are meant for the outside, for guarding external doors, and some for the inside – locking doors and objects inside your property
  • Satisfied customers – do your research in terms of other people’s experiences with the lock, look out for reviews stating that the lock was malfunctioning, and so on.
  • Budget – In order to be realistic and not waste your time, decide on a budget you can assign to the purchase of the locks and look for products in that range


In summary

When debating which type of lock would be the best fit for your property, be it a commercial property or a private home, you should do your research and have a deep understanding of each model and type, what are they most commonly used for and what are their pros and cons. Consulting with a professional locksmith such as Locksmith for NYC could provide you with the peace of mind that the right choice will be made, and the lock you’ll end up with would be the most secure type that is perfect for your property.

What Are the Most Secure Types of Locks?
What Are the Most Secure Types of Locks?
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