Can a Locksmith Help with Mailbox Lock Replacement

Even though a lot of our communication nowadays is through texts, e-mails and social media, some things in life are still processed through an actual, physical mailbox, and so you should have a working one which is well-secured. Many types of sensitive information in contained within government letters and other documents which are shipped to your home, and in this article, we’ll tell you all about mailbox locks and how to deal with their replacement.

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What types of mailboxes are there?

Here are the most commonly used types of mailboxes and their main features:

Freestanding Mailbox

The classic mailbox we all know and love. This is a great solution for a private entrance to your property, where the mailman and delivery professionals insert your letters into a slot and have it sit there in the box right next to your gate, which you can check anytime you get in and out of your house. This suits individual houses only.

Column Mount Mailbox

The column mount mailbox is a smaller mailbox than the freestanding version, and also is usually built into the mount so that when the mailman inserts a letter into it, it is held within the walls of the column. It is harder to break into this kind of mailbox.

Wall Mount Mailbox

Very common in apartment buildings, a wall mount mailbox (or a cluster mailbox) is a great solution for a building with many apartments or businesses, having a lot of individual mailboxes stacked in grids for minimum space and maximum practicality.


What types of mailboxes locks are there?

There are many different ways to lock away your mailbox and protect its’ content. Here we gathered the most common solutions for this task:

Latch Lock

A latch lock is a simple, classic solution for locking a mailbox. It features a latch mechanism which provides the owner with the option to shut the mailbox door when unused. It is quite easy to break into, thought, so proceed with caution.

Key Lock

A very common solution for locking mailboxes is a key lock. It is a locking system with a key insert opening lock that opens with a specific set of keys.

Combination Lock

A combination lock is a good solution for those who do not wish to carry around an extra pair of keys for their mailbox, but also want a higher-security method than the latch lock. You can choose whatever combination you like, but you should write it down somewhere so that you do not forget and need to break the lock to access your mail.

GEM Lock

An even. More secure solution is the GEM lock. A GEM lock is designed to be harder to duplicate and break into. As it features a radial pin and does not have a master key. The lock itself is hard to access with a screwdriver and there for more secure.


How can a Locksmith help with a mailbox lock damage?

So the unfortune happened and now your mailbox lock is damaged, broken or not functionating properly. How can a locksmith help you out regarding mailbox lock replacement?

Assess the situation

The locksmith will inspect your mailbox, see what exactly happened to its lock, and asses the severity of the damage done to it.

Advice on choosing locking system

When the lock is a goner and the situation calls for a new lock, a locksmith will advise you on choosing a new locking system which suits your mailbox, your needs, the level of security you prefer and your budget.

Provide locks

An experienced, resourceful, and reliable locksmith such as locksmith For NYC could also provide you with high quality locks and locking systems, so that you so not have to go and find ones on your own.

Install locks

The locksmith will proceed to installing the new lock or locking system on your mailbox, making sure it fits properly, helping you understand how to manage it and insuring the mailbox lock replacement went smoothly and the mailbox is secured.

Conduct occasional check-up

Your locksmith will probably advise you on having occasional check-ups done on the mailbox locks and all other locking systems your house, in order to catch issues before they become a problem and make sure everything is working perfectly.


Choosing the right Locksmith

In order to have a locksmith help you with mailbox lock replacement, you first need to find a good locksmith new york city. locksmith For NYC are a team of trained technicians and professionals who are available for you at all times, happy to assist you with any issue including mailbox lock replacement, and have all the tools and experience needed to complete the task successfully.


In summary

Mailbox lock replacement should only be performed by a professional locksmith with experience in the filed such as locksmith For NYC, Call them today to get the help you need and make sure everything in your house and mailbox is secured.

Can a Locksmith Help with Mailbox Lock Replacement

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