What Are the Different Types of Locks and Their Uses

These days, if you want to secure your home, belongings or provide you and your family privacy, there is probably a lock to suit those needs exactly. There are so many types of locks on the market, it’s almost too overwhelming. So in order to help you see more clearly, we’ve organized the different types of locks and their uses in this article below.

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Different types of locks and their uses:

There are more types of locks than you may think. Here are the most popular, commonly used ones today:


The padlock is a classic, light and portable lock, used mostly for attaching to a shackle and preventing theft or harm to an object or property.

Mortise lock

Mortise locks are made of heavy duty. Sturdy materials so that they can not be broken easily. They are used for external doors and gates, and come in both light and heavier models, depending on your need. They have dual functions being used either as a deadbolt or doorknob. They are strong and secure locks.

Cam lock

Cam locks are mostly used in mailboxes or drawers or cabinets, seeing as they provide lower-end security than other more heavy-duty locks. They are light and easy to use.

Latch lock

Used in outdoors gates or for sheds or backdoors, the latch lock is a very popular type of lock. It comes with a single cylinder or a double cylinder.

Deadbolt lock

For the higher end of security, the deadbolt lock helps you sleep better at night. It is a heavy-duty, highly effective lock, almost impossible to pick and great in defense from burglary or break-ins. They are the perfect choice for your external door.

Lever Handle lock

For extra privacy inside your home, the lever handle lock is used most times. It is a great tool for making sure there is an option to shut and lock a door from the inside, without having to use a key or any extra element. They are easy to use and almost never seen on an external door.

Combination lock

A very common and popular lock within schools, locker rooms and bike locks, the combination lock is operated using a sequence if number or letters that is only known to the owner. They are not used for heavy-duty security measures but for keeping your belongings in a safe closed space.


How to choose the lock that is right for you?

As you probably know by now, there are so many different types of locks and their uses. How can you decide on which one would be the perfect fit for you?

Contact a locksmith

The best and first decision would be to contact a locksmith, such as Locksmith For NYC. A locksmith has the knowledge, experience and understanding in order to match you with the perfect locking mechanism. So that your goals are met and your property and or belongings are safe and sound.

Set a budget

After you’ve been presented with a few options, set a budget so that you can purchase a lock that would suit your needs without breaking your bank. There are many different kind of versions to the different types of locks and their uses, and you can probably find a good alternative that does not cost as such as the most complex and expensive lock. Consult with your locksmith so that you know you’re making the best decision.

Do your research

The more you know, the safer you‘ll feel. Conduct research regarding the different types of locks and their uses, understand the purpose of each one and make sure you come to your locksmith with questions, they would be happy to answer.


Choosing a locksmith the right way

Before you choose a lock for your home or belongings, you should make sure you choose a locksmith to help you out with current and future issues. What should you take into account?

  • Operates in your area – it is crucial that he locksmith you choose operates within your neighbored or area. This way they can come to you as fast as possible when you call them.
  • Available at all times – choosing a locksmith that’s available to you always like Locksmith For NYC is super important, seeing as you can never expect an emergency.
  • Experienced – the locksmith you choose has to be experienced and knowledgeable in the field, so that they can provide you with excellent solutions to your issues.
  • Recommended – the locksmith h you choose must have many satisfied customers, that can recommend them with certainty and speak to their reliability and honesty.


To summarize

There are many different types of locks and their uses are not always so obvious to many of us. Because of that, make sure you consult with an experienced locksmith such as Locksmith For NYC that can help you understand what to do and which lock to choose for the perfect results.

What Are the Different Types of Locks and Their Uses

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