Pros and Cons - Mechanical Door Locks vs Electronic Door Locks (2)

The availability of different door locks currently on the market is extensive. The range of mechanical door locks provides a range of security and architectural requirements.

New technology is developing rapidly and electronic door locks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homes and businesses.

Locksmith NYC has the knowledge of the best available manufacturers and specialist brands, in order that any choice of lock is both appropriate and fit-for-purpose.

Pros and Cons - Mechanical Door Locks vs Electronic Door Locks

Mechanical Door Locks

Mechanical door locks are still the most popular door locks for residential homes and businesses. Professional locksmiths are familiar with the range of manufacturers and brands that are available.

These are the most common types of locks installed, made of metal and will be key or combination operated. Because of their popularity, the specifications of mechanical locks are familiar to locksmiths and clients alike and straightforward to install. Most home and business owners will be conversant with using mechanical locks and the security they can provide.

Categories of mechanical door locks include deadbolts, cylinder locks, mortise locks, window locks and combination locks. Locksmith for NYC can advise on the best choice of mechanical locks, determine the correct specification and location for the lock, and a suitable price to meet a specific budget.


Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks have become increasingly popular, as the technological capabilities that can be employed continues to be developed. Electronic door locks, also known as digital or smart locks, employ a range of keyless access mechanisms. The options available provide differing architectural and cost options depending on budget and specification.

Digital technology enables users to open door locks by way of a code, magnetic card or passcode, rather than the use of a key. The same categories of mechanical door locks, i.e.  deadbolts, cylinder locks, mortise locks, window locks and combination locks can be utilized, with the added benefits of an electronic operation.

The more contemporary electronic door locks are biometric locks, which have been developed to become to most innovative locks on the market. By utilizing a retina scan, fingerprint scan or voice recognition they provide an extremely high-level of security and technical specification.


Comparison between Mechanical and Electronic Door Locks

Traditional mechanical door locks are still the most popular types of door lock. The benefits of mechanical door locks are essentially that they are familiar to both users and installers of locks. The range available is extensive, and varying types of mechanical locks cover all the basic requirements of choice, installation and security.

The experience of companies such as Locksmith NYC means that installation is standardized and straightforward. They are also the most cost-effective choice of door locks available. For users, a key operated lock is easy to understand and maintain over time.

The drawbacks of mechanical locks are primarily that they are very easy to damage and they have also become easier to open. They can be snapped or forced in order to open them and breach the security they provide. Keys can be copied and used to open a private lock.

Mechanical locks can even be “picked” using the correct tools, so maintaining security is an ongoing challenge. Electronic locks benefit from a choice of keyless system, making concerns about locks being forced or snapped redundant. Also, key loss, copying and lock picking are not a concern for users of electronic locks and this ensures a particularly high level of safety and security.

Use of biometric locks are often the preserve of high-end clients, and these include high-security facilities such a government, security and military industries. Biometric locks enable a sophisticated locking network to be installed and maintained. The weight of an electronic lock is also substantially reduced compared to a traditional mechanical lock, and this enables the design of mechanical locks reflect a style which is both sleek and compact.

Electronic locks therefore have a number of substantial benefits for users, and as technology develops, these are likely to increase. At the same time, electronic locks are far less cost effective than mechanical locks, especially the latest biometric locking systems. Electronic locks are more difficult to operate and much less user friendly than mechanical locks. They will often require training and technical support in order to correctly operate and maintain any electronic system.

Locksmith4nyc can offer clients advice and support across a range of mechanical and electronic locking systems. A professional team of highly trained technicians ensures a first-class, cost-effective reliable service is provided to clients. If you want to determine the pros and cons of electronic locks compared to mechanical locks, and a suitable system to suit your needs and budget, Contact Us Today!

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