Push Bar Exit Devices

A professional locksmith will have trained technicians who can advise on a range of door security and safety issues. This will include a number of door elements including door insulation, locking systems and safety provision.

The safety element of any door furniture will often include a push bar exit device. Locksmiths NYC can provide the best advice for replacing or repairing push bar exit devices.

Push Bar Exit Devices

Push bar exit devices, often referred to as crash bars or panic devices, provide a quick and easy to way to operate fire exit doors. The mechanical door furniture operates using a push bar or crossbar, across the inside of an out-swinging exit door.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, any horizontal force against the push rail or crossbar will release the door to provide an easy exit. Safety codes insist that any individual must be able to operate a push bar device, without any prior knowledge of how to operate the device. Push bar exit devices are commonly installed to fire exit doors providing immediate egress from any building.

Building codes stipulate which types of buildings must use exit devices, including the location, number, and specification that must be adhered to. Push bar exit devices are typically required in public buildings where a certain number of people are permitted to assemble. Depending on local fire safety codes, the relevant number of people is usually over 50 or 60.


Replacing Push Bar Exit Devices

Push bar exit devices will require replacement in the case of them becoming damaged and beyond repair. Also for safety, exit devices are often installed inside large refrigeration rooms or boiler rooms and continual use will render the push bar mechanism beyond repair and will require replacement.

When replacing exit devices there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. In the first instance, the requirements of the fire safety code must be considered to ensure compliance with any replacement that is installed. The knowledge and experience of LocksmithForNYC will ensure that any replacement meets the safety code requirements of the relevant borough or local authority.

A fire exit safety door, which is fitted with a push bar device, will also be included in any fire or burglar alarm system. Any replacement will have to include accommodating the alarm system electronics, and any amendments to the system that might be required due to the replacement of a push bar device.

On completion of a new, replaced exit device, formal approvals will usually be required from the local fire safety services and authorities. This will ensure compliance with the necessary safety codes have been complied with. It is worth noting that fire safety codes are also updated and this may necessitate a push bar device is replaced to comply with any new or revised codes.


Repairing Push Bar Exit Devices

Building codes stipulate the requirements needed to maintain push bar mechanisms. Safety exit doors require regular checking, testing and maintenance in order that they remain in prime working order. Whether required by a maintenance schedule or as a result of wear and tear, push bar exit devices will require the expertise of an experienced, professional locksmith.

The locksmiths repair skills will include identifying worn out springs, incorrect alignment of exit devices, damaged push bars, jammed doors and loose or ill-fitting fixings. The replacement of any number of moving parts might be required during any door exit device repair. In addition, the correct lubrication and checking the correct position of the whole push bar mechanism, will ensure that any repair is successful, and ensure that safety and security is fully maintained.

During the course of any repair, whatever the extent of the repair, attention will have to be paid to the electronic alarm system that is in place, and integral to the operation and security of an exit point. The alarm system will have to be disabled during any repair works and re-instated and tested once works are complete.

LocksmithForNYC have a wealth of experience in respect of the maintenance and repairs that might be required. They can advise clients as to the appropriate steps that must be addressed in any repair that becomes necessary, including any associated, related works.

Should a repair not be feasible or cost effective, if fire safety codes are updated, or any other concerns give rise to a replacement exit device, Locksmiths for NYC can provide a professional advice and a trustworthy service. If you require replacement or repair of a push bar exit device, Contact Us Today!

Can a Locksmith Replace or Repair Push Bar Exit Devices

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