Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Queens

An economically diverse and rapidly expanding residential borough, the appeal of Queens as a place to live and work seems to be growing by the second. If you’re a Queens homeowner, resident, or business owner, you might be interested in how you can keep the space you reside in as safe as possible – and cut some insurance costs along the way.

How A Good Locksmith Can Save You Money

Insurance plans are a necessity – but they can also be a headache, and feel full of unnecessary expenses. And worse still, there’s not a lot you can do to reduce the cost of your insurance plan – that will often depend on fixed factors like the areas you live in, the cost of your mortgage, and the type of home or office you have.

But, with some insurers, one of the few variables that it is in your control is the state of your security. Many insurance plans, both for businesses and for homes, will agree to lower your annual premium if you demonstrate that you are taking the security of your space seriously, and are actively reducing the risk of break-ins using tried and tested techniques. A great place to start is a burglar system, CCTV, and of course, high-security locks attached to every potential entry point. Having a good security system may lower your annual premium by several percentages, which can really add up and save meaningful amounts over the years, especially if your overall policy happens to be expensive.

If you’re unsure which type of lock is best for you, it may be a good idea to check your insurance policy. Many companies actually specify the type of lock they require you to have to be covered (usually they will also specify that the door must be locked at all times when you’re not at home). Usually, the minimum security lock for insurance is a deadbolt. If your insurance only approves certain types of locks, be sure to show us the list when making a choice so we can confirm that we’re installing a suitable model.

If your insurance policy makes no mention of locks or doors, and a representative confirms that they have no minimum requirements or preferences, the best way a locksmith can help you is by preventing potential break-ins. Locksmiths understand lock-pickers better than anybody, and we know which technologies will be hardest for them to overcome, and which will be complicated enough to put them off of even trying.

Find out what your insurance company requires from you

It’s essential to check, double-check and triple-check what your insurance requires from you in terms of security needs. As well as reading the policy, you may wish to consult a representative from your company to confirm the steps you need to take. Having insurance voided in a time of need is extremely frustrating, and can leave you vulnerable when you most need help.

Businesses should remember that their needs are very different to the homeowner’s. Your policy may require added security measures, such as remote door locking, panic bars, steel doors or motion detection. For store fronts, insurers may be vigilant when it comes to the large glass façade, which can be an easy break-in point for robbers. Check to see if they require solutions such as roller shutters or window sensors.

Again, while there is no guarantee improving security will reduce your premium with every insurance plan, there are infinite benefits to improving your business security – from avoiding situations where you won’t be covered, to providing you with daily peace of mind.

Other benefits of consulting a locksmith

Unfortunately, theft and armed robbery are a documented occurrence in Queens. Even more sadly, the consequences can be as severe as total loss of all assets, business closure, and in the worst cases, human death. To give yourself peace of mind and take care of yourself, your family, and your employees, it’s essential not to cut corners when it comes to home or business security.

Can my insurance help me cover the cost of locksmith services?

It obviously depends on the company you’re with and the policy you have with them, but many companies will cover all of or most of the costs associated with lock damage due to break-ins. Other than that, there is no guarantee that you’ll be covered for any service, including those which we are most consulted for – installations, lock-outs, and key replacement.

While we’re happy to work with insurance plans who do cover, we always recommend that you don’t rely on your insurance to pay for costs. Therefore, it’s important to empower yourself to improve your security by finding a locksmith that works for you in terms of costs, scheduling and services.

Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Queens
Locksmiths and Home Insurance in Queens
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