Locksmith Manhattan

It’s normal for homeowners and business owners to deal with door lock problems from time to time. You can determine how serious your door lock issues become—the sooner they’re resolved, the better. Unfortunately, most people put off their door lock issues until it’s an absolute emergency. There are several door lock issues that you are…

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Locksmith Bronx

Imagine that gut-wrenching feeling as you’re turning your key in a door lock and the key snaps. Although you may be tempted to pull out the key or turn it in the lock and try to open the door, you should call a reputable locksmith near you instead. While you may have a bobby pin,…

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24 hour emergency locksmith in Brooklyn

Most people don’t think about emergency locksmith services until they’ve been locked out of their apartment on a cold and snowy night. No matter how organized and careful you are when it comes to keeping track of your house and car keys, you can still get locked out at any time. In the unfortunate circumstance…

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Broken door knob because of key

Broken keys that get stuck in our locks are probably one of the least pleasant situations faced by anyone. The wear and tear on your keys that cause this to happen can be due to a number of reasons. The most common cases resulting in broken keys are excessive force and torque used while in…

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