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Getting locked out of your house or apartment in New York City can be scary, especially in the middle of the night! Thankfully, an NYC home lockout service can help get you out of this stressful bind. If you’re someone who freezes under pressure and is unsure what to do if you get locked out of your home, this FAQ page was made for you! We hope that we answer any questions that you have. 


What Should I Do if I’m Locked Out of My House? 

Although getting locked out is a frightening and overwhelming experience, it’s important that you take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Here are several things that you can do to get back into your home quickly: 


Look for an Open Window or Door 

You should never leave windows or doors unlocked because it is unsafe, but you probably wouldn’t complain if you forgot to lock one on this particular day. Search your house for any unlocked windows or doors that are within your reach. Make sure to check the side and back doors as well. If one of your windows is unlocked, you should be able to open it and climb through. While this is the perfect solution for someone who has left their keys inside their home, if your key is jammed in the lock or your door lock is malfunctioning, you’re still going to need an NYC home lockout service. Nonetheless, waiting for a locksmith inside the comfort of your home is always better than waiting for one outside.


Call a Neighbor or Friend With a Spare Key

Does anyone have a spare key to your house? Perhaps you gave one to a neighbor, friend, or family member? If you know of someone who has a spare key, give them a call and ask them if they’re available to let you in.


Are you renting an apartment? Try calling your landlord or rental office. Most landlords and rental agencies keep a spare key to every unit on hand and would be happy to let you in—unless it’s the middle of the night.


Call a Locksmith

If you’ve tried both of these options but didn’t have any luck, calling an NYC home lockout service is guaranteed to get you fast results. Remember that although this may be the first lockout you’re experiencing, locksmiths deal with lockouts every day. Experienced locksmiths can resolve your issues quickly and professionally. 


Who Should I Call For NYC Home Lockout Service?

Are you looking for the best home lockout service NYC? Locksmith For NYC can help you get back into your home 24/7! We have been serving the five boroughs of New York City for over a decade and our customers rave about our fast and friendly services. 


What Should I Do After I Call a Locksmith?

Once you’ve called Locksmith For NYC, we will advise you how you can stay safe while you wait for your locksmith to arrive. Try to wait in a safe place like in your car or at a neighbor’s house. Your locksmith should arrive in no more than 30 minutes. 


How Can Locksmith For NYC Help?

Locksmith For NYC will help you get back inside your home ASAP by picking your lock. We treat every lock situation differently because every situation is unique. For example, if your key broke in your door lock we will first remove the key, check the door lock for damage, and then cut you a new key on the spot. You can rest assured knowing that we will secure your door locks after we’ve resolved the issue.


Can Locksmith For NYC Prevent Future Lockouts?

Yes! If you’re someone who frequently gets locked out, we may suggest switching out your locks for keyless or smart locks. Smart and keyless locks have the same functionality as door locks without requiring physical keys to operate. This is extremely convenient since you don’t need to worry about losing your keys. To operate keyless locks, you need to create a code and will use this code to unlock your door. Your code can be reprogrammed at any time. Smart locks can be remotely operated. Instead of remembering a complex code, all that you need to do is use your smartphone to unlock your door! Interested in installing keyless or smart locks in your home? Call Locksmith For NYC today to learn more about them!

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