Locks Service in New York City

New York is a city that never sleeps, and neither does its citizens. Even so, you would rest more comfortable at night if you had a good door locks for your home. If you need to fix, repair, or install a door locks, keep in mind where you live. Perhaps it’s an apartment in Brooklyn. Maybe you live in a multi-complex building like a brownstone in the Bronx or a townhouse in Queens. You can even live in a penthouse in Manhattan or own a house in Staten Island. The point is, you need the right door locks for your home or even business, so you can get the proper installation.

What if you get locked out of your home? You need a professional locksmith that understands your needs. Perhaps you forgot the code for your combination lock. You need a lock replacement. Maybe the deadbolt in your door is stuck. You need a lock change. Is the cylinder lock broken? You need a lock repair. Do you need a mortise lockset? You need a lock installation. Whether you live in the Bronx or Staten Island, you need licensed locksmiths who can assist you. What you need are New York locksmith technicians who understand this city.

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Locksmith in NYC

We are New York’s professional locksmith team, and we serve the five significant boroughs. We offer lock repairs, replacements, and installation for your door. What separates us from the competition is the wide range of locks we provide. Below are the eleven types of locks we use:

Cylinder Lock

Also known as a pin tumbler lock, it is a useful lock mechanism. Only the correct key opens the lock through the use of pins inside. The key-alike feature allows the same key for multiple locks. Cylinders have high-security mechanisms built within. You can install this in apartments and office buildings.

Mortise Lock Set

You typically install mortise locksets inside your home – the lock cuts into the edge of a door, which gives it durability. Components have stainless steel, which prevents rust. Deadbolts increase extra security in conjunction with the latch bolt.

Deadbolt Lock

The lock mechanism moves into an open position through the key rotation. Its spring-bolt lock pairs well with deadbolts, especially on doors. The exceptionally durable lock ensures heavy protection due to its unique design. Deadbolts are available in both single- and double-cylinder models. You can install this within apartments, brownstones, or townhouses.

Jimmy Proof Lock

Deadbolt lock offers extra resistance due to a two-part vertical bolt. It is perfect for your home, as the lock design is surface mounted on a door through a bolt hook. The oval shape lock with its sliding bolt gives it a sleek design. It has no spring mechanism to prevent an easier break-in.

Doorknob Lock

This traditional lock requires a door and a key mechanism to operate. The lock uses a twist mechanism to unlock the door with a key. There are a variety of handles, such as a round shape for a firm grip. It also comes in different stylistic finishes for home decor. Typically, useful for apartments and houses.

Lever Handle Lock

Similar to doorknob locks, the level handle operates the same way. The lock mechanism is inside the handle itself, which opens with a key. Push-down handles offer a tighter grip to open doors. Various furnishes are available for home decor. Use this for your home or even your office.

High-Security Locks

Higher security measures allow more effective defense mechanisms with this lock. The lock offers anti-pick resistance due to its efficient design. Attachable to any given door with the installation of lock cylinders. Metal composition alongside multiple bolts strengthens the lock.

Keyless Locks

Aptly named, these locks do not require a key. Instead, it requires an entry system. Lock installation is similar to a mortise lockset, on both sides of the door. It gives the user complete access control of the door, as the steel composition increases the entry passage’s security. You can use this high-security lock for your home door.

Combination Locks

Master locks are small and easy to carry. You can use it anywhere in your home or business. These padlocks require a numerical combination to open. Stainless steel gives the lock extra durability. Accessibility of the lock allows use anywhere.

Smart Door Locks

The lock operates similarly to keyless locks in terms of installation and code sequence. Electronic usage gives it a cutting-edge feel in modern technology. Security is highly effective through a lack of door handles and defensive design. Like combination locks, it is perfect for high scale areas like penthouses and houses.

Mailbox Lock

This lock protects mailboxes. Installation is simple and straightforward, apply the lock onto the mailbox. Installation occurs within your home.

You are Safe with Us

Our locksmiths pride ourselves with easy installation. We provide state-of-the-art technology for lock changes of any kind. Whether your door is interior or exterior, we apply our locks to any surface. Broken locks are not a problem, as we can either repair or replace them altogether. We can assist you in any of the five central boroughs of the city. Call us (917) 696-8842


Locks Service in New York City
Locks Service in NYC
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