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Locksmith For NYC offer the highest quality door knob locks installation & repair services in New York City and surrounding areas , Also we provide 24 hour lock replacement service in NYC.

The doorknob lock is an excellent contraption because it gives you some protection. Though it might not be as durable as a deadbolt, it can work in conjunction with other locking mechanisms. Find out more about this lock below:

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What is a door knob lock called?

A door knob lock is actually the latch which is a mechanism sliding directly into the door enge and withdrawing by turning the door knob.  The latch is the part that keeps the door closed and can only be opened by turning the door knob.

If you require a change to your front-door locking mechanism, please call us at (917) 696-8842 to request service. We’ve got a lot of high-quality products and specialize in all things that lock.


How can you get off a door knob if it is locked?

The first thing you must do is check out the shank. Usually, the mounting screws are concealed a little, but you can find them by locating the tiny hole or slot within the shaft.

Now, you need to insert your tool into the slot or hole. Most people can use a small screwdriver with a flat tip. However, you can straighten a paperclip and use that, or your nail set end.

You’re now going to push on the tool. There should be some resistance, such as if you depress a spring. Push that spring in just as far as you can with your tool in one hand. Then, you should also pull the door knob completely off the door with the other hand.

Twist the tool around if your doorknob resists the efforts of removing it. It might continue to resist. If that happens, twist your doorknob and twist and depress the tool at the same time so that you can remove the knob.

Make sure you’ve got a flat, thin screwdriver ready to pry off that decorative, round plate. Sometimes, it’s called a rose. This reveals the lockset mounting screws.

Utilize a driver or drill to remove these mounting screws, which are longer than others. The doorknob is then separated inside, so you can remove both sides from your door.

Can I fix a door knob locking mechanism?

You can use a Phillips-head screwdriver. Start tightening the door knob’s screws. Sometimes, they are locked right on the knob if the door is older. If there are screws beneath the circular plate, tighten those, as well. Now, you should open your door to look at the latch plate. Ensure that it’s perfectly centered and tighten up the screws once more.


Are there door knobs that lock on both sides?

Yes, the double cylinder door knob is one that’s keyed on both sides of your door. Sometimes, though, it’s keyed in a place where your door needs it to be for locking on both sides. Regardless, they do exist, and we are experts in installing and repairing them. Please call (917) 696-8842 to request an appointment today.

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